Ferrari F70 Preview, the Hybrid Hypercar Spectacular…

The Ferrari F70, the latest entrant in the Hyper-car category may also be the first ever Hybrid Hyper-car. Ferrari’s latest attempt to blitz the competition is rumoured to combine electric alongside the 7.3 litre V12 creating an all wheel drive (AWD) hybrid hyper-car.

Spy shots of the new prancing horse have been appearing for the last four months as Ferrari tests the F70 on the roads surrounding the Maranello factory. Dressed in the curve hiding camouflage the world will have to wait till the 2013 Geneva Motor Show for the public unveiling.

A number of renderings have also appeared, artists starting with the spy shots and imagining the curves that hide beneath. All of the renderings suggest something very special is brewing at Ferrari.

Undercover Ferrari, not so pretty.

Like the F40 Enzo Ferrari before it the F70 will be an example of track bred engineering, pure functionality combined with incredible style. Ferrari’s pinnacle of excellence the F cars have always taken this to the extreme, the F70 looks to continue this tradition.

Spy shots originating from Maranello show the F70 covered in black curve hiding camouflage, giving the car a distinctive platypus look. Production is obviously well advanced, hopefully she is on track for Geneva.

Performance is pure Hyper-car, with a top speed of 250MPH+, 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds and a massive V12 engine the F70 is the next production Hyper-car and possibly the fastest production car in the World.

F70 Impression, artists interpretation.

Many unusual rumours have revolved around the F70’s powerplant. Most sources agree the engine will be a massive 7.3 litre V12 rated at 800 bhp, mated to a dual clutch transmission. The speculation builds around the hybrid nature of the engine. With rumours suggesting the F70 will be fitted with a Formula 1 style Hyper-KERS system driving a pair of electric motors, providing an extra 120bhp. Potentially taking the total power output to over 900bhp. Are they front or rear mounted engines? Will Ferrari deliver an AWD F70, with electric fronts; here at Highpants we think so.

A Veyron killer? Ferrari is reaching into its bag of magic tricks, drawing on all of the latest leading edge technologies to deliver the fastest production car in the world. Along the way they may have just produced the best looking Ferrari the world has ever seen.

Reference: CarScoop