Far Cry 3 Insane Edition, Where’s Our Bobble Headed Vaas Wahine?…

With possibly the funniest promo video of any game this year Far Cry 3 The Insane Edition is making crazy waves on the game scene. Ubisoft is hoping we will all invest in their new outlandish characters, they may be onto something.

Far Cry 3 itself is due for release September 4, the Insane Edition announced this week is the first expansion pack to be announced for the yet to be released game. For the uninitiated Far Cry is a an open world first person shooter with a twist. Combining exceptional action sequences with light comic relief Far Cry has become an all time classic action game.

Far Cry 3 has seen Ubisoft emphasis the storyline and characters of the new game, spawning one of the funniest promo videos in the process, The Insane Edition promo video. The pack itself will contain extra gameplay, new weapons and the greatest special addition accessory in history, the bobble head guy from the video.

As part of the build up to the September release a new video is attempting to keep the buzz going. The original press conference video has been seen 3.5 million times since it’s release, mid-2011, now it’s time for the pre-release trailer. Two video’s have been included for your viewing pleasure, the hilarious Insane Edition video along with the standard edition trailer with a rocking dubstep soundtrack.

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Far Cry 3 returns to its roots with outdoor jungle warfare and the return of Jason Brody. Mooring your boat at the wrong island is your first mistake. Now your girlfriend is missing, your boat has been destroyed and your trapped on an island inhabited entirely by crazy people. Its not just another weekend in Manhattan, no Far Cry 3 leverage’s CryEngine’s – graphics engine– ability to render outdoor scenes with incredible detail and speed with characters and a storyline that will drag you into the action.

The graphics engine driving Far Cry 3 is a heavily modified CryEngine 2, the Dunia engine. Since its first release with Far Cry 2 over four years ago Ubisoft has been working on improving CryEngine 2, making it a very different engine than the original. A mature and highly tuned graphics engine Ubisoft have improved all aspects, with highlights including a new water reproduction technology, water being an important part of the gameplay this time around. Particle effects and the level of detail have also been improved to obvious effect.

The storyline of Far Cry 3 brings back the humor of classics like Monkey Island while pushing the boundaries of first person shooter action sequences. The story this time around will evolve around the action, with Ubisoft aiming for that immersive feel.

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Behind the scenes AI improvements should help make the enemies an engaging part of the gameplay. Motion capture has been used to new levels, using actors in motion capture suits to generate various movements. While time consuming it provides natural and super smooth motion for all of the characters in the game. After-all even if you have the smoothest, fastest graphics engine if the animations themselves are rough it will all have been for naught.

The Insane Edition of Far Cry 3 will cost between $15 and $30 AUD more than the standard edition but it does contain insane levels of value for those crazy for Far Cry. Release dates for the newly announced crazy special edition are still to be announced. No pre-orders are available suggesting it will be released sometime after the standard version of Far Cry 3, which wont be short on crazy by the way.

The most hilarious game accessory ever is present in the bundle, your very own 12cm tall bobble head guy from the video, Vaas Wahine says yes. Like buying extended warranty Insane Edition may just be one for the crazy amongst us. Containing the usual assortment of extra content, Monkey Business and Lost Expeditions expansion packs providing nearly two extra hours of gameplay along with extra weapons, survival guide full of hints and of course your very own bobble head guy.

Bringing yet another reason to upgrade that video card Far Cry 3 is promising to be an open world first person shooter with character. Never taking itself too seriously Far Cry is bringing next generation gaming to PC, X-Box and PS3. Set for release September 4, 2012 for US Markets, 6th for Europe, its nearly time to put your crazy hat on.

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Far Cry 3 – Standard Promo Video