Face Swap Live, the Hilariouas App That Puts Your Face Where It Doesn’t Belong.

The brain is hard wired to recognize a face and when these calculations don’t add up a brain fizz moment is generated, momentary confusion then laughter. Face Swap Live is an app that generates these moments by putting your face on someone else’s head. Your brain fires up trying to compute what it is actually seeing, then it realizes it doesn’t compute and sends it to your funny bone.

Install Face Swap on your phone or tablet and when it detects two faces in close proximity the magic happens. It’s not a perfect swap but still impressive enough to throw you off when you see someone else’s face where yours should be.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the funniest of the Face Swap experiment videos, with our favourite Jenna Marbles joining the charge. Sit back relax and prepare to be shocked by your new face.

Reference: Face Swap Live