Facebook Makes Tinfoil Hats…

Facebook prepares to add VOIP services to its expanding social networking empire.

All of the stories surrounding Facebook at the moment are small pieces of a puzzle, when you bring them all together an interesting picture develops..

The chatter started with your profile phone numbers being made public. While reports around the wobbly web concentrated on the privacy aspect of this action – which Facebook doesn’t give two whoots about – more important was the building of a facebook phonebook, an important part of any telephone system around the world, the Blue Pages.

The Inquirer reports a VOIP service being in testing. While the VOIP service is a logical extension to Facebook it’s importance is a little more obscure than that. For Facebook to really be aware of what we are doing it needs your phone to be routed through Facebook. That doesn’t mean they will be listening to your calls but they will have your call records in their database. At the moment your telephone company has all of your call records – you see a summary of it on your bill – all of this information will be in Facebook.

There are also many reports of Facebook building its own phone with HTC’s assistance. The HTC Facebook phone also indicates that the smartphone software will change dramatically, your phone being tightly integrated into your profile. At the moment Facebook on smartphones is dumb – unaware – software, the next level of the software is to become aware – of who your calling, where your going – without requiring the user to constantly tap away updating their status. The HTC Facebookphone is in testing at the moment.

So Facebook is about to shift to the next level of social networking, at the moment they only see loose associations soon they will be able to see how many degrees of seperation exists between and group of people at any time, that is some amazing sh*t he’s got going on.

To all those paranoid privacy nuts – it’s time to put the tinfoil hat onGo Zucker Go – it’s a brave new world out there.