Face Hacking, Incredible Real Time Projection Mapping Magic…

Magic is the art of fooling our minds perceptions. Face Hacking is a most modern form of magic that uses incredible technology to fool our perceptions. Using a combination of real time motion tracking and projection mapping digital artist and producer Nobumichi Asai is able project this new form of magic for our amazement.

Using the most human form, the face, as a canvas the Face Hacking project produces stunning animations that appear to make the impossible happen before our very eyes. The results may make you wonder if the faces are human or cybernetic. Face Hacking and magic for that matter also takes advantage of the fact that our minds are designed to search for faces, our natural ability to pick a face out of a scene is turned against us.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the stunning animation projected directly onto the faces of men, a stunning display of modern magic. Sit back, relax and prepare to be dazzled by technological trickery.

Reference: Face Hacking