Eminem’s ‘My Name Is’ as Performed by the Muppets, Hi Larious.

Mashup YouTube king Mylo the Cat has been hard at work once again, like some form of modern day alchemist MTC has managed to put together two unlikely ingredients in order to produce video gold. Two ingredients that when combined in just the right way are guaranteed to put a smile on your dial. Pure video gold produced by the unexpected hilarity of the Muppets performing the hugely successful Eminem track My Name Is. Who could argue with Scooter as Eminem and Kermit taking on the role of Dr Dre?

Presented for your viewing pleasure is one of the smoothest mashups to feature everyone’s favourite stuffed hand puppets, could there be a new Muppets album on the way (Please God No)? Sit back relax and turn it up loud this one rocks Muppets style.

Reference: Mylo the Cat Facebook