Electronics Projects with LittleBits via the King of Random…

Here at Highpants our favourite little electronic gadget is undoubtedly the LittleBits electronics kits. Prolific YouTube video producer Grant Thompson seems to agree with us and has produced a video of the amazing things that can be done with these very clever little electronics kits.

For his latest video Grant has put together a number of incredibly useful little projects that literally took 5 minutes to complete. From home automation to keeping an eye on his kids TV watching habits and warning him via SMS that his home safe has been opened these practical projects couldn’t be more useful or simpler.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is a small sampling of the amazing things that can be achieved by simply snapping together parts from the LittleBits kit, no soldering required.  Sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed by these little bits of incredible in action.

Reference: Grant Thompson – The King of Random
Reference: LittleBits