Electronic Arts where Everything Old is New Again, the Return of Desert Strike…

Video games as a recreational pastime have been slowly exploding in popularity since the release of the first home console, the 1972 Magnavox. Throughout it all there have been games that were burnt into our cultural memories, games so popular that their names still reverberate to this day.

Electronic Arts is one of few companies that have been there throughout most of this modern gaming era (founded in May 1982 by gaming legend Trip Hawkins), they have had many years to build one hell of a gaming catalog. Reaching deep into this back catalog EA looks to be preparing a reboot of an all time classic, Desert Strike.

Fans of the original Desert Strike series may soon be taken back to 1992, back to the year Desert Strike first took over the console and computer gaming world. While there have been a number of follow up games it has been nearly 20 years since the 1997 release of Nuclear Strike, the last real Strike game.


The original 16bit game.
The original 16bit game.

Piloting your hardy Apache strike helicopter it was your task to take out enemy installations and vehicle, rescuing hostages and completing missions that often involved massive explosions.

Rumours are swirling around the net that EA has applied for two trademarks covering the Desert Strike name. According to gaming website IGN contacting EA regarding the possibility of a rebooted Desert Strike resulted only in ‘Nothing to announce today” from EA.

In a 16bit world full to the brim with side scrolling shooters and platform games Desert Strike was very different. Could a 64bit reboot have a similar effect? Or will this be an entertaining exercise in reminiscing through games?

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