Electric Hypercar Wars: Evija, the Latest Lotus Dream Machine…

Lotus don’t just produce some of the most spectacular sports cars in the world, no they produce the cars that dreams are made of. They are a dream factory and the latest four wheeled dream machine to emerge from the mists of Lotus’ imagination is the purely electric Evija. With 1972 horsepower this is the eclectic hypercar that will represent Lotus in the looming electric hypercar wars due to begin in 2020.

With only 130 of the sleek Evija to be produced you know the price is going to be steep but the  wallet smashing $1.86 million USD will scare even the most flamboyant billionaire. Even the cost to join the que to buy the Evija will scare your bank manager, $300,000 dollars just to be put on the waiting list. The mind-boggling price is of course driven by the incredible technology built into this battery with a hypercar attached. Carbon fibre construction, active aerodynamics, pop out video camera side mirrors and smarts built into every square inch of the interior. Then there is the all-electric power train producing nearly 2000 bhp and over 1200-foot pounds of torque.

The performance numbers being quoted by Lotus are just as impressive as the price. The 0 to 60 time comes in at under 3 seconds, 0 to 180 mph time is under 9 seconds and a top speed over 200 mph. Which is fortunate as this will allow you to outrun the repo men who come to take the car back when you fail to make the payments. A strategy that will work until you run out of electricity and have to stop and charge it.

Which raises the very real downside of electric vehicles, charge time, no one wants to have to wait for their hypercar to charge before taking it out for a spin. Lotus have addressed this by introducing a 350kW charging system that will charge the car to 80% in 12 minutes and go to a full charge in 18 minutes. The 200 mile range quoted by Lotus will obviously depend on how aggressively you drive the Evija. Concerning is the fact that this car has the potential to burn through all of its electricity in under and hour at full speed.

With the Evija due in 2020 the era of the electric hypercar is fast approaching, and the competition will be fierce with some of the most famous automotive badges joining the fun. The Lamborghini Terzo Millenio, Rimac Concept_Two, Pininfarina Battista, Tesla Roadster and Pagani Electric will all be vying for the attention of those with the money and stomach to take the leap. Strangely enough the only one that won’t cost more than a suburb full of mansions is the new Tesla Roadster. Will this be the working class hypercar or will we all be left dreaming while staring at posters on our bedroom walls.

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