Drone Racing Dreams, an Interesting FPV Insight.

The New York Times has recently posted a fascinating little documentary that provides a sneak peek into the quickly expanding pass-time of FPV drone racing. A pass time that puts the pilots into Star Wars style speeder races, the view through the pilots VR Headset really does closely resemble the famous speeder races from the films.

The proliferation of personal drones and cheap off the shelf parts has seen this new style of racing quickly expand over the last few years. Started in unused buildings and parks around the world FPV racing has now grown to the point that tens of thousands of dollars are on the line at competitions.  Is FPV racing the killer application for this now ubiquitous technology?

The future of FPV racing seems unlimited. Being a new sport the future is very interesting, how will it evolve? Adding augmented reality to the races could make things very interesting, virtual monsters to chase the racers perhaps or a mix of real and virtual weapons to spice things up.

Presented for your virtual viewing pleasure is the racing of the future being created by the kids of today. A high speed thrill ride for those with fast reflexes and nerves of steel, an immunity to VR induced nausea also seems to help. Sit back relax and let the racing begin.

Reference: New York Times: Gentlemen, Start Your Drones

Reference: International Drone Racing Association (IDRA)