Drone Nerf-Disk Dog Fights and Snow Racing…

As the world quickly finds it feet in the rarefied air just above our heads thanks to the wonder of remote control drones those on the leading edge are busily coming up with new and entertaining ways to put the little aircraft to use. The fun may have started with using drones as a platform for photography or a new way to take a selfie but there is so much more fun to be had.

Racing drones through snow covered parks or muddy forests ups the fun stakes especially when watching the first person perspective view, a view that imbues the vision with a very Return of the Jedi feel. This though is just the beginning, what if you added weapons to the drone, then every race could also be a dog fight.

Drone designer Andy Shen and his friends had this exact thought and made it a reality, and it is spectacular. A simple act that is taking drone racing to the next level with a nerf disk firing gun mounted atop the drone, this is the Blast quadcopter.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are two videos that capture the latest fun to be had with a drone and a VR headset. Drones are coming of age and the future is so bright we may have to wear shades. Sit back, relax and let the racing begin.

Reference: Andy Shen Drone Design
Reference: Motherboard