DreamWorks Ghost in the Shell Live Action Hollywood Blockbuster gets a Director…

Legendary sci-fi animation Ghost in the Shell is set to receive the Hollywood treatment with a live action film in the works. Masamune Shirow’s classic manga cyberpunk classic Ghost in the Shell has been recast into almost every digital animated format, full length movie, TV series, Telemovie and even music video. Soon hopefully we will be able to add Hollywood blockbuster.

The Deadline is reporting this week that DreamWorks have signed on a Rupert Sanders to direct the feature film. The wheels are once again in motion, now all they need are actors to take care of the live action aspect of the film.

Also presented for your viewing pleasure are a number of the best G.I.T.S music videos to get you in the cybernetic mood. Set back relax and have complete faith in your minds firewall…

The DreamWorks project has actually been in the works for the four years with a number of writers having a shot at it before DreamWorks settled on the current script by William Wheeler.

Live action Ghost in the Shell, example only.
Live action Ghost in the Shell, example only.

The film is being produced by Ari Arad and Steven Paul, Steven Spielberg while not directly involved is said to be personally passionate about the project. Early reports suggested that Spielberg wanted the film shot in 3D,

As for who will play the Major and Batou little is known, the shoot looks to happen during 2015 so any potential stars will have to keep it free, it’s the earliest that Sanders could do.

Robotics and cybernetics are the next revolution rolling over our high tech world, Ghost in the Shell has been taking us to that world for 30 years. Can Hollywood keep the G.I.T.S magic alive? Only time will tell.

Reference: The Deadline