DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter, the Pro Shooter in Toy Story Cloths…

The new king of aerial photography the Quadcopter is nearing the point of ubiquity, the point where it will be standard equipment for every professional video production house. To take an affordable step into this flying world there are two high quality and affordable options, Parrot or DJI. This is where the Phantom 2 comes in, priced at $649 USD for the basics it offers exception shooting quality at a consumer friendly price.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are two examples of the Phantoms work, fitted with the Vision+ camera or a GoPro the Phantom 2 produces the goods. In the shots where the blades are visible you can see the quadcopter moving about but the horizon stays rock solid steady. Sit back, relax and let the Phantom 2 chase down summer for you.

The Phantom starts off by ticking all of the basic boxes; long range Wi-Fi, VR headset compatible, programmable flight path, 1Km range, auto home, 35mph top speed and 25 minute battery life. Then it starts adding boxes with the add-ons that are available; black box recorder to record real time flight data, video downlinks with On Screen Display, VR headsets, range extenders, LED lihting and the best damn gimbal in the business.

Highpants-dji-phantom-2-002Different models of the Phantom 2 are available to allow for different camera payloads. The Vision+ setup includes an integrated 3 axis stabilized gimbal and good 14 megapixel camera. While the standard Phantom 2 comes without a stabilized gimbal so that you can add your own. The ZenMuse 3D is about the best add-on gimbal and allows you to mount a GoPro 3+, or 4 when it’s released.

The base model bare bones setup typically sells for $649 on Amazon. Even the high end option of a Phantom 2 with Zenmuse 3D 3 axis gimbal and GoPro 3+ Black sells for only $1358 on Amazon.

DJI have been making Quadcopters for years but their latest the Phantom 2 is now establishing itself as the flying camera platform of choice. This as the competition between Parrot and DJI only continues to heat up, how will Parrot answer back?

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