The DIY Match-Head Rocket, Evil Genius!…

As children almost all of us experimented with matches, some just burnt things while others attempted to launch themselves into space by making match-head rockets. Possibly the most effective and efficient design of match rocket has recently been released onto an unsuspecting world by YouTuber Grant Thomas. Using only a single match head and some aluminium Grants Match-Head Rocket design is able to launch up to 40 feet.

Join Grant for his DIY instructional video as he runs us through the manufacture of these incredible little flying machines. He has even fine tuned his manufacturing process to the point that he can produce dozens of pre-assembled rockets in mere minutes. Also included for your view pleasure and continuing the rocket theme is one of the funniest butt rocket compilations ever to make its way onto YouTube. Sit back relax and prepare to be educated and entertained.

Reference: Grant Thomas ‘The King of Random’