Diplomatic Warfare: The Mysterious Beam Weapon Attacks on the US Embassy in Cuba…

There is a high-tech case of cloak and dagger unfolding just off the shores of the US. A mysterious attack is being executed against the American Embassy in Cuba and for the past year no-one has been unable to explain who, how or why this is occurring.

This tale of highly strange diplomatic warfare begins in late 2016 with US intelligence operatives based in Havana reporting hearing bizarre buzzing noises that are quickly followed by nausea, dizziness, memory loss and head-aches. Medical tests conducted by doctors at the University of Miami and the University of Pennsylvania found the attacks have left brain tissue damaged in many victims.

Imagine for a minute that you are sleeping soundly only to be awoken by a strange noise, a noise that is quickly followed by your brain going a little wobbly and a head-ache kicking in. Other symptoms seem to develop over the preceding 24 hours. Symptoms that include nausea, dizziness, memory loss, hearing loss, buzzing in your ears and headaches. In some cases even brain damage along with injuries similar to a concussion are being caused by the attacks.

Strangely the victims report that it doesn’t affect those nearby such as their partner sleeping soundly beside them and if they move a foot in any direction the effects disappear. Other attacks have been reported while diplomats are working at their desk and in other seemingly day to day situations.

A second round of attacks occurred in August 2017 and by October at least 24 diplomats, embassy staff and intelligence operatives have reported suffering this mysterious malady, along with one Canadian diplomat who is being treated for hearing loss. In response the US government has evacuated more than half of the embassy staff (October) and they are now warning American tourists against visiting the island. The travel advisory is likely an attempt to put pressure on the Cuban government to stop the attacks, the Cuban government are of course not happy about the travel advisory.

Donald Trump has this month responded to the latest series of attacks by expelling 15 Cuban diplomats, while his knows it is not likely that the Cubans that are perpetrating the attacks he has said that they are responsible for the safety of the US diplomats in Cuba.

What type of Weapon?

Initially it was reported that a sonic weapon was to blame, but this is highly unlikely due to the amount of brain damage being caused by the attacks. This conclusion was likely due to the noise associated with the attacks, interestingly the noise was recorded once on a mobile phone.


Investigators have eliminated all traditional forms of attack, no one has been shot and with a complete lack of physical contact or common circumstance it is unlikely that it is poisoning. This leaves directed energy weapons as the leading candidate. These types of weapons are the only forms of attacks that can pass through walls, defy detection and leave zero trace of the attack itself, besides the effects of course. Directed energy weapons include lasers, microwave, plasma and sonic. Of these only microwaves can pass through walls, aren’t visible and can provide enough energy to do the level of damage that is occurring. There is also Tesla’s neutral particle beam weapon, plans of which were rediscovered in 1983, also called Tesla’s death ray there are practical limitations as this weapon would be rather large, hard to transport and impossible to conceal, but it is technically feasible.

This leaves a microwave directed energy weapon as the most likely weapon in use. This type of weapon will literally boil parts of victim’s brains if it can be focused precisely enough at the target.

Likely Responsible Candidates?

It is highly unlikely that the Cuban government is directly involved in the attacks, they simply don’t have the technology to launch such an attack. There are however a large number of countries that do possess such technology and while most experts are pointing their finger at Russia it is equally as likely that China, North Korea or any one of the many European Union nations are responsible.

Here at Highpants we believe It is unlikely that Cuba would allow or stand by while Russia executed such attacks. They would likely remind the Russia of the time they were nearly nuked because of Russia, and the 40 years of sanctions that followed. While North Korea has the motivation to execute such a covert operation it is also doubtful that they have the resources. This leaves the primary candidates China or one of the European Union countries. While there is zero evidence available who is perpetrating these covert attacks here at Highpants our primary candidate is Germany, they have the technology, resources and seem to have the most to say to Trump. However China pushing back against Trump is probably a more logical conclusion.

Tin Foil Hats as Standard Diplomatic Issue?

The FBI’s best and bravest are on the case and hopefully they can get past their Russia obsession and discover the true source of this attack. This form of attack would use large amounts of electricity to be effective and that is traceable if you have the right equipment in place when it occurs next.

Till then is it time for the remaining American diplomatic staff in Cuba to start wearing protection while they are in Cuba? Tinfoil hats or steel army helmets all round to insulate and protect. And what is the reason for such a mysterious attack? Is someone trying to drive a wedge between Cuba and America? Or is this a message of a different kind, a warning that your people can be got at?

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