DCentral1 for Android, Identifying Leaky Applications and Stopping Prying Eyes…

In the brave new world that is our everyday connected lives security is an ever increasingly important subject.

In an effort to secure our mobile devices wild man John McAfee has released DCentral1, the application that will demonstrate where your private information is leaking from.

For those concerned about the security of their Android gadgets DC1 is set to come to your rescue. DC1 is ready to scan and report on any nefarious applications leaking your personal information to the World Wide Web. Informing you of the apps that are up to no good, and then giving you the option to uninstall them.

When installing apps not many of us check the permissions required by the application. Access to data and services such as location, system, phone, camera and personal information is often granted without us even being aware of it.

DCentral1 is a simple free app that once loaded onto your Android device (coming soon to iOS) will scan said device and let you know which applications are watching you. Any application that is collecting your personal information and transmitting to unknown parties will be highlighted using the good old traffic light color scheme, from good green to concerning red.

DCentral 1 is now available for free download, here at Highpants we recommend that everyone run it at least once. Even if you aren’t concerned about security it is worth it, you may be surprised who is watching you.

Reference: DCentral1