Damien Walters 2014 Showreel, the Human Anti-Gravity Machine…

Gymnast, free runner and real life action hero Damien Walters seems to defy many laws of physics especially gravity, a skill that is making him a hit on YouTube. Now after hitting 500,000 subscribers and with 2014 drawn to a close Damien decided to thank the internet by releasing a super special edition 2014 showreel, a best of that’s a bit better.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the ultimate demonstration of one man’s ability to seemingly work around the normal application of gravity, an amazing display of skill and timing. As you will glean by watching Damien in action if anyone has a right to have a Superman complex its Damien but he’s just happy if people are watching his videos. Sit back relax and remember the couch isn’t the right place to start practicing these skills.

Reference: Damien Walters