Daft LaBeouf: Harder, Better, Faster, Do It.

After the world went mad for the hilarious Shia LaBeouf’s motivational video it seemed everything had been given the LaBeouf treatment, but there was something missing. Where is the Daft Punk remix? And as if by magic ILika Da has the missing meme.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Daft interpretation of crazy captured on tape, the motivation of madness at its funniest. Strangely enough after all is said and done I still find myself asking ‘he is being ironic, isn’t he?’ A sign of a good actor or crazy is as crazy does?

The background to the videos slowly began to materialize. Public opinion may suggest the video was shot and released during a moment of madness but the truth is a little different. The motivation speech was only a small part of an art project (#Introductions) conducted by Central Saint Martins college of London.

Just one of 36 short stories that were performed by LaBeouf in front of a green screen in LA, it’s all Hollywood baby. In a masterstroke of marketing genius the video was shot in front of a green screen and released on creative commons allowing anyone to mashup and meme the video without risk of a takedown notice. And mashup they did, when the video was released in June it quickly become the most popular meme on the web.

Reference: Yahoo News – The Real Story Behind LaBeoufs Hilarious Rant