Curiosity Spies Mars Pyramid, From a Distance…

Curiosity, the Mars rover that everybody loves, has since landing on Mars sent a steady stream of information back to Earth, some of it very surprising. A number of pictures appear to show the distinctive outline of a Pyramid.

Appearing first in early August a number of Curiosity’s spectacular panorama photos appear to show a large Pyramid off in the distance. Nestled amongst the natural rough edges of the surrounding craters edge, appearing to be a mountain range, the clean asymmetric shape stands out.

Of course Curiosity has a long mission ahead of her, plenty of time to explore the more controversial sights. While the scientists seem content keeping Curiosity digging in the dirt for very simple early life forms, it may have just stumbled upon evidence of intelligent life.

Ever since the Voyager 1 satellite captured the Face on Mars, in the Cydonia region of the Red planet, a connection between intelligent life on the two planets has been hotly speculated. Unfortunately Curiosity is the wrong part of town, the pyramids captured by curiosity aren’t the Cydonian Pyramids.

Many questions remain to be answered, are there really Pyramids on Mars? If there are, how did the Egyptians get to Mars? The images from Curiosity indeed seem to have captured a pyramid shaped something, far more investigation is required. Exactly the reason we need a manned missions to Mars and a Martian Base.

Curiosity’s journey of strange discovery is only just beginning. While it will answer vast numbers of scientific enquiries it may also raise many interesting, and currently unanswerable questions. Pyramids on Mars, seems like the perfect starting point.