Cubli the Acrobatic Robotic Cube with Balance…

What do you call a robot with no arms and legs at your front door? Nope, it’s Cubli the balancing, walking, jumping and all round incredible acrobatic cube. Able to balance on point and even resist attempts to push him over Cubli is one talented little cube.

Performing feats of precise balance and control on command Cubli is the acrobatic cube that is capturing the world’s attention. Combining precision gyroscopes, ample computing power and three axis control Cubli is able to perform seeming unnatural manoeuvres for a robot of its shape.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are all three Cubli videos released thus far. Buckle up and get comfortable these double take generating videos will surprise.

Developed by a team of researchers from ETH Zurich’s Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control the 15 cm cube of awesomeness that is Cubli proves that the robots may one day take on many different forms, this one just happens to be visually mesmerizing.

Cubli uses a cleaver combination of inertial energy storage and torque of three spinning motors, one on each axis. Precise three axis control of these forces allows Cubli to balance on any point of its cube frame, walk by rolling about and generally jump about.

Similar in nature to MIT’s M-Cubes that use a single axis motor to move about Cubli proves that scaling up dimensions can also scale up awesome.

Will the almost steam punk clock-work mechanics of Cubli one day take over the world or will the army of the cube be halted in their tracks by an uneven odd shaped world?

Reference: Institute for Dynamic Systems Control.