Crytek’s Free to Play Warface Opens for Beta…

Warface, Crytek’s contribution to the free to play universe is calling for beta testers, applications are currently being taken for the closed beta prior to the games release. Like the testers in an amusement park the beta testers will be the first to see this new world and experience the many thrill rides.

Powered by Crytek’s outstanding CryEngine 3 Warface is a traditional first person shooter with highly detailed graphics and all of the game play features we expect from a modern first person shooter, a pleasant new standard for a free to play game.

Included for your viewing pleasure is the Trailer for Warface released at the PAX 2012 conference. Impressive graphics backed up by fast action gameplay make this trailer a must watch for first person shooter fans.

Warface manages to roll all of the modern features expected of a commercial first person shooter into a free to play package. Multiple modes allow for the classic person versus person action as well as player versus environment for that classic single player or co-op experience. Other features being tested include player progression aong with rewards for individual skills and team work. There is even talk of a Freeloaders mode that pits paid for players against the monetarily challenged players.

In many ways Warface is classic Crysis, inheriting much of the Crysis heritage Warface starts from a solid foundation. Crysis aren’t simply dipping their toes into the waters either, with the promise of regular updates, daily for co-op players, along with a plethora of new content for both the free and paying players this may just be the beginning.

Crysis doesn’t intend their free to play games to be charities, paid for content along with paid for gaming accounts will be an important aspect of each games success. Let’s hope they get the balance right; go too far in the paid direction and people will expect full commercial quality, go too far in the free direction and commercial success is difficult.

Crytek will be spending near commercial game amounts of money developing each new game for their stable of free games, of which Warface is but the first. Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said last year at the PAX 2012 conference ‘ Our free-to-play titles would have the highest development quality with budgets ranging from $10 million to $30 million.’

More than just a game to while away the hours till Crysis 3 is released (Feb 19), Warface is the new poster child of free to play gaming, bringing fast paced mayhem and destruction to the masses.

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