Corsair 8GB Vengeance: 32GB Is Never Enough!

Technology advances in many directions, memory for example increases in both speed and capacity.

Corsair, the manufacturer of high performance computer parts and gaming goodness have upped the ante one more time. Throwing down the gauntlet to fellow memory manufacturers with the release of their high-speed 8GB Vengeance DDR3 RAM.

Worlds may well be colliding with the introduction of the new Vengeance modules with Workstations using professionals and Über Gamers both competing to buy the new Corsair sticks of RAM. With the capacity of normally slow Server and Workstation RAM but with the high speed performance of gaming memory the Vengeance will be in high demand. Stack four of these octo monsters in your gaming rig for an astounding 32GB of system memory that will let you take on any task. Edit that new 4k hi-def film while playing the latest first person shooter and rendering Toy Story 4 in the background.

“Vengeance DDR3 memory is the premier choice for reliable, overclockable DRAM for system builders on a budget,” said Giovanni Sena, Director of Memory Products at Corsair. “Our kits based on 8GB modules give builders, system integrators, and gaming enthusiasts the power to break the 16GB barrier.”, Corsair

Blame it on the Internet but the world’s thirst for content is increasing exponentially and in this media mad world someone has to supply said content. The modern digital artist needs to the right equipment for the job. To this end the Corsair’s 8GB memory module removes many of the barriers content generators will face. Running short of memory shouldn’t stall your machine completely but it will slow things down. When a modern operating system like Windows 7 or OS X are running low on system memory or RAM they will move data out of ram to virtual memory on the hard drive. Sometimes called a swap file, the OS swaps data from RAM to Swap File, it is an elegant solution to running out of RAM and crashing your system but it bares an enormous speed penalty. If an application needs data that’s been mode to the Virtual RAM the hard drive is over 10,0000 times slower at retrieving the data. Having enough RAM to never need the virtual RAM is always the best and fastest option.

Any of the modern multimedia software packages will eat 4GB for breakfast. Photoshop, Cubase, Audiologic, Premiere, Aftereffects, Lightwave, just some of the modern software packages that will use 4GB of RAM easily. If you want to run a number of these packages together you will soon approach 16GB of RAM. That’s even without the day to day software we all use ; e-mail, Internet, Office will all use a little bit more. 16 or 32GB may sound like overkill to some there are situations right now that can justify it.

Corsair’s new memory modules sacrifice a little latency speed for size, at 10-10-10-27 the memories latencies keep the new modules in the high speed category but they are a step behind the extreme high speed modules capable of 7-7-7-18 latencies at 16000MHz. Still for memory of this capacity the Corsair sticks are lightning fast. Traditionally graphic workstations have used enormous amounts of slow RAM, achieving enormous processing power through brute force not speed. High end Über gaming machines use the opposite approach, lower capacity but much higher speed. Corsairs RAM allows a machine capable of both brute force and low latency responsiveness, the home-built Über Gamer Workstation. Render an entire Blue Ray film in the background while playing Age of Empires online.

A 64bit operating system and CPU is essential to bust through the first memory barrier, the 4GB memory limit of a 32bit CPU and Operating System. A BIOS update – the Basic Input Output System, boot software built onto every motherboard – may be required to get past your motherboards 16GB limit. If you can afford the $1,000 USD price tag –$250 USD each – and have the right equipment in place you can enjoy the unlimited RAM experience.

Corsairs brand new Ram is compatible with both AMD and Intel CPU’s, with 1.5 volt operating power, compatibility is guaranteed with the new 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor family. The Corsair Vengeance 8GB modules – CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10 – are available immediately, prices ranging from $240 USD to $280 USD, shopping around may save a small fortune when buying individually, 32GB – 4 x 8GB – kits are priced at $999 USD. If you are building an Über gaming rig or graphics workstation at home the new Corsair is for you. Corsair has set the bar high for large capacity high speed memory, memory with no compromise.