Cooking with Your Mouth, Hilarious Fun for the Whole Family…

Cooking for yourself is one of the most primal forms of expression that an individual can undertake but the dangers of cooking are numerous. Blenders can explode, graters can eliminate fingerprints and the most feared kitchen utensil of all knives can remove entire fingers or puncture arteries. But what to do if you have a healthy fear of the everyday dangers in your kitchen? Well you learn to cook using your mouth only of course.

The Australian born artist who now calls Berlin home Nathan Ceddia shares your fears and decided to create his own revolutionary cooking style to alleviate his fears, this is ‘Cooking with your Mouth’.   A cooking technique that leverages the flexibility of your chompers to cook up delicious dinners.

The first three stomach churning videos released by Nathan introduce Riva Godfree (actress Iska Lupton) as our master chef to demonstrate this revolutionary new cooking technique. With all of the most dangerous equipment eliminated from her kitchen she dives right in to using her natural abilities alone to craft a turkey stuffing, raw steak tartar and her pièce de résistance Beetroot Pancakes.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest viral sensation to turn the internet’s collective stomach. A video designed to shock and amuse while instructing. Sit back relax and have your frying pans and smocks at the ready, this one could get deliciously messy.

Reference: Nathan Ceddia (YouTube)
Reference: Munchies – The Story Behind Cooking with your Mouth.