The Commodore 64 is Back…

CommodoreUSA is about to re-release the Commodore 64 onto an unsuspecting world.

With more come-backs than rock’n rollers KISS, the Commodore brand has risen from the ashes of its past. The first product will be released the end of April with the revamped Commodore 64. CommodoreUSA is this rock bands latest tour and it looks like a killer. Established by Barry Altman in April of 2010 CommodoreUSA quickly brought the rights to the Commodore and Amiga names – August 2010. By December C64 prototypes were photographed and hopefully by the end of April we will have real product.

First released January 1982 by Commodore International the Commodore 64 was a ground breaking machine ahead of its time. By the time Commodore declared bankruptcy in 1994 nearly 30 million C64′s had been sold.

Classic looks with PC brains…

The specifications for the C64 are pure PC world, dual core Atom 525 CPU at 1.8Ghz., Nvidia ION graphics and chipset, DVD, up-to 4GB of RAM, all housed in the retro cool C64 body. Since it has the same innards as a fairly standard notebook all of today’s interfaces or plugs are there on the back. Heat shouldn’t be an issue, the Atom CPU is one power frugal processor. Plug it into a TV or monitor and take a ride back in time.

Please no more vanilla computer boxes. Have computers reached the point where the box is now more important than the computer power it provides, looks over speed? It may well be true, especially when you consider even the slowest computers today were super computers 10 years ago and even the slowest computer will do the basics. This is pure consumer electronics now people, but its off the charts ‘I want it now’ desirable. It will slot nicely into any media centre as a media playback hub or in the bedroom as media playback / light duties computer – web, video, word.

Standard Micro-ATX PC rear panel.

So the Commodore melodrama rolls on, this just keeps twisting and turning. Like the slowest train wreck ever – Commodore’s bankruptcy was nearly 20 years ago -, you just can’t look away. There is definitely enough space in the worlds crowded living room for some retro cool computers, something as cool as steam punk without the water. Lets hope CommodoreUSA can deliver the Commodore 64, it is an excellent idea and we all deserve one.

More info at CommodoreUSA

Buddha’s Brother out…