Colorado UFO Sighting, Up Close and Spectacular UFO Footage…

Capturing a UFO up close and in action is a rare event, one family in Colorado were fortunate enough to capture such an event on the night of November 28.

Returning home from the kid’s soccer practice the family’s handycam had already taken a beating that evening. Capturing the highlights of their children’s training activities wouldn’t be the video cameras most important duties.

Appearing from nowhere in the skies over Colorado, over the Robertson family car  is a craft so clear and close that it may just be the smoking gun evidence the world has been waiting for.

The craft spotted slowly moving across the twilight sky is incredibly close and visually detailed. The footage was captured two and a half hours outside of Denver Colorado, as the Robertson family returned from soccer practice.

Billy Meier UFO picture.
Billy Meier UFO picture.

The eye witness to the event Lance Robertson reported that the craft appeared silently and large in the sky above them, drifted slowly for a moment then disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Interestingly he also said that what appears in the video to be white patches on the underside of the craft were in fact a transparent wave that rotated with the craft.

Many are already questioning the authenticity of the video, was a crane used to swing the craft across the sky? The popularity of drones at the moment has led many to wonder if a drone of some kind has been put to use. Here at Highpants we think the footage looks pretty convincing, and the resemblance to the Pleiadian UFO’s captured by Billy Meiers is striking.

Many UFO commentators, ThirdPhaseOfMoon included, have voted this the UFO video of the Year. It’s hard to argue, if it can be proven to be authentic it is one spectacular piece of evidence.

Reference: ThirdPhaseOfMoon