Chevrolet Sheep Do Dream, Mi-Ray…

Chevrolet has looked to the future and created their vision. The Mi-Ray was developed at the GM Advanced Design Studio in Seoul and is a departure for Chevrolet, this is a risky gamble.

The car will earn a lot of fans for its sharp edgy design. It’s one of those cars that looks like its speeding even when at a stand still. Cue’s have been taken from modern jet fighters, from the sculptured interior to the wing like doors the aircraft inspiration is revealed in.

With a full wrap around cock pit style interior, more of an artist impression of a jet fighter than it is an old war bird, the show car nature of the Mi-Ray is apparent. It is very well executed but it is a show car, a technology demonstrator and style changer.


All of the latest technologies are included; advanced compositescarbon-fiber and plastic -, carbon fiber/aluminium wheels, , back projecting display, swinging doors. The drive train is twin electric motors driving the front wheels, 1.5litre turbo petrol engine driving the rear wheels. Regenerative breaking charges the 1.6Wh lithium battery pack on the go and plug-in recharge is available when you’ve parked.

The Mi-Ray is one eye-catching little car, let’s just hope that Chevy has the back bone to follow this through, even if it just influences current models then this will have been an interesting exercise.

Further details here, pictures courtesy of NewAutoCars

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