Chainsaw Ice Skating…

Winter time activities in the Northern Hemisphere often involve many calculated risks especially after the big chill hits. Is the ice thick enough? Will I be covered by a snowy avalanche? If I get stuck out here will I freeze to death in hours? All of this balanced out by how much fun it is to play in this winter wonderland. Interestingly it often seems that the more risk is added the more fun you will have.

Take for example the intrinsically insane pastime of using a chainsaw to propel yourself across a frozen lake while wearing ice skates, or Chainsaw Ice Skating. Will the chainsaw eventually cut through the ice? Will the chainsaw cut me to bits if I fall on it? If the chainsaw kicks back on ice will it chop off my junk?

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the pastime that proves you can sit around worrying about what might go wrong or you can get out there and have some fun! Sit back relax and prepare to be held in suspense waiting for something to go wrong.

Crossing Lake Kenai in Alaska with a chansaw.