Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets, the Internets Favourite New Thing…

Jimmy Kimmel presents the internet’s new favourite pastime, watching celebrities read out mean tweets sent to them by the various degenerates trolling the tweet sphere. So far 6 episodes have aired and collectively they have been viewed over 75 million times.

With these once harmful barbs now turned into comic genius Kimmel has managed to produce some cold rolled gold, the celebrities take the hits one slap at a time.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the funniest videos to come out of late night TV in a very long time, Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets. Buckle up, turn traction control up to maximum setting and hang on for the ride, it’s going to get messy.

Twitter, modern communication channel or open valve for all of humanities filth to spill forth from, either way it is the essential source of material for this hilarious series of skits. The reactions of the celebrity reading the tweets is the other essential ingredient, the musicians and sports stars are funny but the comedians really know how to work a bit.

To be fair it’s hard to be too sympathetic towards someone who has to cry into their millions of dollars after receiving a mean tweet, while a broke comedian taking yet another body blow from life is immensely funny.

Going by the numbers Mean Tweet # 2 is the most popular of all six episodes, but here at Highpants the entire office was reduced to tears, and fits of laughter while watching Mean Tweets # 3, especially Dr Phil reading out aloud what many of us must have already thought at least once. Then there was Jessica Beil doing her horse impersonation, that one nearly killed us all.

Is it wrong that watching celebrities read out vicious insults should be SO funny? Of course it is but that only seems to make the tweets that much funnier.

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