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Blockchains Explained: Information Storage for the Digital Age…

In this digital internet connected age being able securely store information has never been more important and it has never been more difficult with hacking, digital copies and high-tech crime being rampant. Being able to hold and securely maintain trusted information is a major concern and one that can no longer be addressed through the old techniques which are all descended from writing an entry in a book and blindly trusting third parties.

As the Bitcoin revolution rolls on Blockchain technology that allows this virtual currency to operate securely is the answer to these issues. Blockchain is transforming the traditional ways of storing trusted information and knowledge, removing the requirement to trust institutions and replacing the middle man with a secure and unchangeable system. This is information storage for the digital age, this is the blockchain.

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Bloodhound SSC: The Supersonic Rocket Car…

The road travelled to obtain the title ‘world’s fastest car’ is often paved with death and disaster but if the journey is completed successfully it is also a destination heralded with fame and glory. Traversing this road carefully is the key to achieving glory without disaster and the team behind Bloodhound SSC know this only too well.

Having taken the world record with their twin jet powered Thrust SSC, and having competed against other famous teams to capture the record they have seen their fair share of disaster along the way. So they tread carefully, testing and refining as they progressively increase speed towards their stated 1,000mph goal, a 33% increase in speed from the current world record and the largest single jump ever recorded. Can they reach their mark? Will the technology hold up? Can the pilot see over the steering wheel?

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Virtual Reality and the Suspension of the Physical World…

Virtual Reality headsets are the leading form of immersive entertainment but there is a limitation to how deep you can go into these virtual worlds, a limitation caused by the need for physical control mechanisms. This ‘reality wall’ is caused by the fact that your brain is well aware that it’s in two worlds simultaneously, the VR world being experienced and the real world that is executing the controls. For complete suspension of reality and removal of the reality wall there needs to be a way to control your actions from within the VR experience, something that joysticks and even voice control cannot provide.

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The Amazing D-Wave Quantum Computer…

Quantum computing has long promised to change the way we use computers, especially when it comes to solving the unsolvable. At the moment there is only one company producing quantum computers and that company is D-Wave Systems who are bringing science-fiction to life.

YouTubes Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips was lucky enough to visit D-Waves head-office facility to see the D-Wave chips in action, a trip that seems more like a journey into the future than a drive down the road.

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The Science behind Champagne and its Bubbles…

The bubbles of nothing that make every celebration something have helped bring in New Years for hundreds of years. For almost as long many have believed that the bubbles have the ability to go straight to your head, producing an odd giggling effect in many that partake in bubbly celebrations.

The science behind the production of Champagne and its magic bubbles is well understood but the effect of these bubbles is a far more contentious issue. Contention that is compounded by the fact that everyone is affected differently by the little bubbles of carbon dioxide. So is there any truth to the bubbly theory?

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Strangely Satisfying, 100 Metronomes Automatically Synchronizing…

It is a well-known scientific fact that metronomes started in a pack (randomly) will over time automatically synchronizing themselves till they are in lock step.

A small team of scientists from Saitama University have documented this most unusual effect and it’s strangely satisfying. By far the largest successful demonstration of the effect the team assembled 100 identical metronomes on a swinging platform then set them ticking away randomly. If you feel like driving a few people crazy and having a go it works best if the metronomes are all the same model, they are set to the same frequency and a little sway in the table or surface speeds things up.

On a side note the scientists may have discovered the most annoying sound in the world, the only sound more annoying than a child’s wailing. Although we are still to test if it can successfully cover the high pitched scream of a tantrum in full swing we are hopeful.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the video’s that will echo throughout offices around the world, and be quickly followed by screams of ‘what the f@?! is that noise!’ Sit back relax and keep your eyes on the pendulum, you are feeling sleepy.

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The 200 Watt Laser Bazooka, Styropyro Is a Madman.

Aspiring mad scientist Styropyro has produced yet another DIY weapon of mass fascination, the 200 Watt laser bazooka. Power up this carefully crafted collection of spare parts and prepare to feel the burn. Constructed from off the shelf parts; that shelf over there, off the floor and out of that box in the corner.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the quad laser powered bazooka that is making balloons nervous all around the world. Could this be the ultimate solution to the perfect all over tan, in under 3 seconds? Sit back relax and prepare to be amazed by the power of light.

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Cleaning a Grill with a Laser, Very Cool.

Using a laser to clean a BBQ or grill may seem like overkill but there are many good reasons to do so, ah and there is also the fact that it is really cool. Technically the process is called laser ablation and it uses very specialized high powered lasers to instantly vaporize rust and debris.

There are a many ways to return that factory fresh sparkle to metal but laser ablation has many unique advantages including; low running costs, it is gentle on the material being cleaned and it is a solvent free process. The ablation process is also very controllable with precise control of the ablation rate, the depth that is vaporized, just don’t point it at anything you don’t want to disappear.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is yet another very cool use for lasers, now all I need to do is find a laser that can vaporize BBQ gunk and we might have the perfect BBQ cleaner. Sit back relax and prepare to be amazed by the power of a hand held laser.

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The Santilli Satellite Discovers Anti-Matter Entities, Really.

As our scientific understanding expands the boundaries of the known universe are also pushed further back. Antimatter is one of the new boundaries of the known and it looks like it might be even stranger than the quantum world.

Thunder Energies Corporation CEO and Chief Scientist Dr Ruggero M Santilli recently published a paper in the American Journal of Modern Physics presenting astonishing evidence that is pushing our known boundaries right into the universe of the strange by sensationally revealing the discovery of Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) within the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

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Is Titanium Bulletproof?

In my years on this planet I have come to learn that not everyone has a favorite metal, I do it’s Titanium and it is the best. Famous for being strong, lightweight and impervious to rust, like its Titan namesake, there is also another side to Titanium. When polished by an artisan jeweller this amazing alloy has an almost holographic blue sheen but it is notoriously difficult to work with and expensive so this side is not often seen. Of course claiming something is the best without any supporting evidence is a life of fantasy so its time for a firepower stress test thanks to those gun crazy YouTubers over at Demolition Ranch.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the face off between a one and a quarter inch thick block of industrial Titanium and the best weapons the Ranch could muster, and they save the best for last. Sit back relax and prepare to see the sparks fly.

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