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The spend big money to get the best toys, and it shows.

Russia’s Hypersonic Missile Redefines Fast…

The speed of fast is defined by the fastest animal’s or machines of any given period. In the 1800’s fast was a pack of horses, 1900’s saw the jet redefine fast and now hypersonic missiles are just about to redefine fast for us all. This won’t just be a slight adjustment to the definition either, this will be a complete re-write of the definition.

The Russian MoD (Ministry of Defence) have been talking up the capabilities of their next generation hypersonic missiles for the last 2 years. The Zircon, Avanguard and the ABM system. Of the three it is the ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Interceptor system that really grabs attention and redefines fast. It is unnaturally fast, instantly fast, the kind of fast that requires expletives to describe properly.

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China Steals the March on Rail Gun Technology…

Rail guns are the next generation of military weapon that promise to fire further and faster with zero gunpowder. Using electricity alone these cutting-edge weapons can fire a 17 pound projectile at Mach 7 to strike targets hundreds of miles away. Allowing them to sink battleships, shoot down aircraft and missiles while being virtually unstoppable.

Until recently the US Navy was the only game in town when it came to Rail Gun technology but this weekend pictures emerged of a Chinese naval vessel with what appears to be a kick ass rail gun mounted on the bow. With one picture leaked to the internet the Chinese government has signified that they are a military force not to be trifled with. Has the Chinese navy now stolen the technological lead from the US?

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Diplomatic Warfare: The Mysterious Beam Weapon Attacks on the US Embassy in Cuba…

There is a high-tech case of cloak and dagger unfolding just off the shores of the US. A mysterious attack is being executed against the American Embassy in Cuba and for the past year no-one has been unable to explain who, how or why this is occurring.

This tale of highly strange diplomatic warfare begins in late 2016 with US intelligence operatives based in Havana reporting hearing bizarre buzzing noises that are quickly followed by nausea, dizziness, memory loss and head-aches. Medical tests conducted by doctors at the University of Miami and the University of Pennsylvania found the attacks have left brain tissue damaged in many victims.

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Ekranoplan, the Caspian Sea Monster by Any Other Name…

In the history of unusual aircraft Russia has produced more than its fair share but the Ekranoplan or Caspian Sea Monster is the king of unusual aircraft and it wasn’t just an experimental aircraft, this incredible feet of engineering actually took to the air, albeit 4 meters into the air.

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The General Atomics Blitzer Railgun, Ka BOOM!

General Atomics (GA) have blasted their way into the headlines again with a video of the latest test firing of their Blitzer Railgun.

The Blitzer is being developed as a multi-role weapons system that can be mounted on a truck, ship or even an aircraft.  With talents including integrated air and missile defense, surface fire support and anti-surface warfare GA may be right, Blitzer is the weapon system for every occasion.

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Is Titanium Bulletproof?

In my years on this planet I have come to learn that not everyone has a favorite metal, I do it’s Titanium and it is the best. Famous for being strong, lightweight and impervious to rust, like its Titan namesake, there is also another side to Titanium. When polished by an artisan jeweller this amazing alloy has an almost holographic blue sheen but it is notoriously difficult to work with and expensive so this side is not often seen. Of course claiming something is the best without any supporting evidence is a life of fantasy so its time for a firepower stress test thanks to those gun crazy YouTubers over at Demolition Ranch.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the face off between a one and a quarter inch thick block of industrial Titanium and the best weapons the Ranch could muster, and they save the best for last. Sit back relax and prepare to see the sparks fly.

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China’s New J-15 Fighter Jet Training on the New Liaoning Aircraft Carrier.

With the brand new Liaoning aircraft carrier parked in northern China’s Bohai Bay the pilots trained, perfecting their carrier based take-offs and landings. The first generation of pilots and aircraft are now a qualified air force, one not to be ignored. Until now the world was still wondering if the J-15 is real, is it a threat? While the world wondered China managed to build one hell of a jet fighter and an aircraft carrier to go with it.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the first generation of pilots being trained to handle their high tech fighter and mobile airport. While many may argue the J-15 is no match for the F-22 it is still an incredible feat, going from flying Russian imports to their own hardware in under 10 years.

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Is this Massive Explosion after a Saudi Airstrike on Sanaa due to a Tactical Nuke?

Saudi Arabia backed by America seem set on dictating the political future of its much smaller and poorer neighbour Yemen. While this may or may not be justified the Saudi’s have undoubtedly shown they are willing to go to almost any measure to produce an outcome they are satisfied with, including the apparent use of tactical nuclear weapons.

The latest video evidence of a massive explosion in Sanaa does seem to show an explosion mushroom cloud that burns hot with a long constant rumble like a small tactical nuclear weapon. Watch the video and judge for yourself, tactical nuke or not?

The W38 nuclear artillery shell is the most famous tactical nuclear weapon for use on the battlefield. Developed in 1963 it could be fired by a standard Howitzer canon but with far more explosive power than gunpowder munitions, 15 kilotons on average. The smaller shoulder fired Dave Crocket nuclear bazooka yielded an explosive equivalent to 100 tons of TNT, an explosion roughly equivalent to that seen in Sanaa.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the shocking video of what appears to be a tactical nuclear weapon being used on Yemen’s capital city. Prepare to be shocked by the reality of war in the nuclear age.

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Out of the High Tech Man-Shed comes the Homemade Rail Gun and the Homemade Plasma Rifle.

Many a great idea has moved from concept to working prototype under the roof of a modern man shed, a fortress of solitude for many. Two very good examples of the creativity that takes place in the shed have recently been demonstrated to the world. Two variations on the always impressive electromagnetic rail gun.

Ziggy Zee and his band of electromagnetic enthusiasts are fist up with their rail gun powered by a series of 9 volt batteries. Don’t underestimate the power of the Duracell however, the heavy weight gun fires chunks of aluminium with 27,000 joules of power. Still not up with BAE’s rail gun that fires with 33 mega-joules of power but it is enough to wreak havoc on pumpkins and mobile phones. Certainly enough power to make you want to stand clear when firing.

Next up Alex Smyth and friends assembled something a little bit different, a rail gun that fires plasma bullets. Instead of using a slug of lifeless aluminium as the projectile the Alex rifle uses a coper sleeve with a capsule of Zeon gas inside. As the Zeon capsule passes through the rail gun it becomes excited and turns into a plasma gas able to piece steel plate. An altogether impressive piece of home-made kit.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the spectacular test firings of two new home-made rail guns. Demonstration videos that highlight the power of a good man shed and some electricity. Sit back relax and prepare to be impressed by the magical power of magnets.

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Apocalypse Drone, Syrian Aerial Footage.

New independent media channel Russian Insider and have teamed up to release intense drone footage of the latest country to be laid to waste by war. Filmed during a recent Syrian Army offensive on rebel held positions in the suburbs of Damascus the footage captures the overwhelming destruction in its rawest form, an apocalypse in motion.

The aerial footage was recorder during fierce clashes between the Russian backed Syrian Army and the American backed Islamic State soldiers. As buildings are pounded into dust, and dust is pounded into even finer dust it becomes no clearer why this is necessary.

If there is any question of whether and how an entire civilization can disappear here is the evidence happening before our very eyes.

Reference: RussianInsider