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Inpulse. The New King of Über Geek Watches…

Canadian watch company Allerta is finally taking orders for its ultra cool computer watch the InPulse. Were talking the modern equivalent to the calculator watch here people so no rolling of your eyes.

The watch is sleek, stylish and could knock someone out if you swing it hard enough. Coming in all of two styles, chrome edge and solid black both looks are chunky, not weapons grade chunky but chunky just the same.

At the moment it works best with Blackberry equipment, Android and iPhone links have been mention but nothing solid yet. For Blackberry users it shows notifications, incoming call numbers, appointments even when your being an annoying Blackberry doosh.

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Porn for Noids…

Fear and Noiding in Las Vegas
CES gives us a glimpse of what drool worthy gadgets are coming up and the general direction of consumer electronics technology. The toys we’ll be paying good coin for in a couple of years are tucked away in quiet rooms. With every major electronics manufacturer under the one roof displaying their wares this is the place to be for Noids.