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Do It Yourself has never been so much fun, or so dangerous.

Pi Projects: PiCade 2018, the DIY Retro Arcade Machine…

If like us you love DIY, retro gaming and want to tinker with a Pi then there is one project that combines them all, and is well worth considering, the PiCade X HAT. The 2018 update of this excellent do it yourself project provides a relatively simple build that produces an incredibly cool result, an awesome desktop retro arcade gaming machine complete with arcade joystick and display that fits into a little cabinet worthy of even the grandest man cave.

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The DIY Nuclear Battery…

The constant degradation of some particles might suggest that matter eventually returns to its natural state, energy. We clever humans have learned to take advantage of this constant, to make one hell of a bomb, but there are many less deadly and equally as cool uses. Uses that you can build yourself in your very own shed.

Making a nuclear battery may not be the first DIY project that jumps into everyone’s mind but it is actually 100% real and easy to do. Tritium is the key ingredient of the battery and one of the safer radioactive elements used for power generation. In many ways Tritium could have been the correct answer to the worlds energy problems in the 70’s, but that’s a whole other story.

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Vampire II: Bringing the Amiga Back Again…

The Commodore Amiga is one of many iconic computers to dot our rich computing past, especially for children of the 80’s. Fans of the iconic Amiga have been excited of late with talk of a new accelerator that is turning dusty old Amiga hardware into blisteringly fast internet connected retro gaming machines.

The fastest running Amiga hardware on the planet at the moment is a Vampire II equipped Amiga 500 or 600. The Vampire A600 V2 and the A500 V2+ accelerator kits are transforming the slowest of all the Amiga’s into retro gaming legends, one card at a time.

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The King of Random Survival Hack, Start a Fire with a Sandwich Bag.

The King of Random Grant Thompson has returned once more to present a DIY hack that MacGyver would be proud of, the sandwich bag of fire. For today’s lesson you will need to collect an empty sandwich bag, some liquid and stuff to set on fire. Now lets all learn how to start a fire with a lunch bag and some water, urine is optional and yes you take the sandwiches out first.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the clever hack that provides you with a sandwich lunch then starts a warm fire. Sit back relax and prepare to be amazed by the mighty sandwich bag.

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The DIY LED Flashlight, the 1000 Watt Torch…

Have you ever been hiking and needed to light up an entire side of a mountain, nup me either, but if you ever do YouTuber and compulsive DIY’er rctestflight has built a torch for such an occasion. Using 10 massive LED chips each drawing 100 Watts of juice this monster torch can throw out 90,000 Lumens of pure white light. A standard home LED bulb uses between 15 -30 LED chips (depending on the bulb) and uses between 10 and 20 Watts of power to produce a measly 800-1000 Lumens of light.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is one of the most extreme home-made torches seen in many years. Now that the hard work designing and assembling the torch is complete the fun can begin, working out what the hell to do with 90,000 Lumens of light power. Sit back relax and don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave.

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The Knife Wielding Tentacle.

Some inventions are born of a good idea that might just make life a little bit easier while other man made contraptions are simply the result of an idea that tickles the funny bone. The Knife Wielding Tentacle definitely falls into that later category and tickle the funny bone it does.

This Frankenstein contraption was constructed by YouTuber outaspaceman using nothing more than an Arduino board, a littleBits Protobit and some left over parts. With these simple parts outaspaceman has managed to create a contraption so evil that even sharks with lasers keep their distance. Now the only problem left is how to turn off the crazy contraption.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the most evil funny contraption to be invented this year. An invention so evil that the CIA are investigating hiring the tentacle as their new receptionist. Sit back relax and remember the tentacle knows all, let’s just hope the battery runs down soon.

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Mechanical Techno, Unconventional Audio.

Often times the musical instruments we use to produce music are every bit as artistic as the music being made. But when an art piece is a musical instrument and produces its own musical performance is it like an artistic double dip? Take for example London based artist and musician Graham Dunning and his Mechanical Techno video, a video that sees his techno producing machine as both performer and instrument.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the quirky cool video that demonstrates a whole new way to make use of that old turntable and vinyl records. Sit back relax and let the beats roll on.

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Out of the High Tech Man-Shed comes the Homemade Rail Gun and the Homemade Plasma Rifle.

Many a great idea has moved from concept to working prototype under the roof of a modern man shed, a fortress of solitude for many. Two very good examples of the creativity that takes place in the shed have recently been demonstrated to the world. Two variations on the always impressive electromagnetic rail gun.

Ziggy Zee and his band of electromagnetic enthusiasts are fist up with their rail gun powered by a series of 9 volt batteries. Don’t underestimate the power of the Duracell however, the heavy weight gun fires chunks of aluminium with 27,000 joules of power. Still not up with BAE’s rail gun that fires with 33 mega-joules of power but it is enough to wreak havoc on pumpkins and mobile phones. Certainly enough power to make you want to stand clear when firing.

Next up Alex Smyth and friends assembled something a little bit different, a rail gun that fires plasma bullets. Instead of using a slug of lifeless aluminium as the projectile the Alex rifle uses a coper sleeve with a capsule of Zeon gas inside. As the Zeon capsule passes through the rail gun it becomes excited and turns into a plasma gas able to piece steel plate. An altogether impressive piece of home-made kit.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the spectacular test firings of two new home-made rail guns. Demonstration videos that highlight the power of a good man shed and some electricity. Sit back relax and prepare to be impressed by the magical power of magnets.

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A Working Paper V6 Engine.

Engines are the machines that power our world. Designs and concepts that have been developed and refined for hundreds of years. Interpreted and improved generation after generation to the point that we now we have the internal decompression engine made of nothing more than paper, along with hours of toil, sweet and imagination.

Constructed from nothing more than paper, cardboard, sticky tape, paper clips and super glue Aliaksei Zholner has managed to adapt the designs of a working V6 engine to create one stunning piece of paper craft. Running on breath stored in a balloon the engine spins to life when the compressed air in the balloon is fed through the cylinders.

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