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The Tide Pod Challenge, Laundry Detergent Is Not Food…

The latest challenge to sweep the internet is so dangerous and mindbogglingly stupid that it has many wondering if the social media does in fact make people stupider. The Tide Pod Challenge involves stuffing a Tide laundry detergent pod into your mouth and bitting down, chewing on it if you are really interested in proving your intensity. With the inevitable explosion of the various laundry cleaning products contained within the natural reaction is to spit out the contents while wondering why the hell you just did it, but by that point it is too late and as the burning sensations and vomiting begins panic ensues.

It shouldn’t take explanation to understand that laundry detergent isn’t food and that the Tide Pod Challenge is potentially deadly. Even swallowing the dissolvable packaging can cause neurological damage, let alone swallowing any of the detergents themselves. Would you drink bleach? The effects of ingesting the laundry liquid include severe vomiting, burns to the esophagus, severe breathing troubles, coma and in extreme cases death.

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Supercar Accidents 2017, Super Fails…

Supercars have super performance but it isn’t unfair to assume that they also have super accidents. With a power to weight ratio similar to that of a Formula 1 car supercars can be a handful to keep under control, especially when all of those horses are unleashed at once. Combine that with the fact that large amounts of money doesn’t directly translate into large amounts of driving skills, and you have a dangerous combination that becomes very obvious very quickly. The best you can hope for is that there are no video camera’s around when performance exceeds ability, and that you survive the resulting catastrophe. Fortunately for us we now live in a world full of video cameras that are at the ready to catch every fail, including supercar fails.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the best super car accidents of 2017, super fails for the world to see. Please remember that with great power comes great responsibility, it’s not just your life that you are putting at risk when the adrenaline is running high. Sit back relax and prepare to see what happens when the limits of your skills are surpassed by the performance of your car.

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Sacred Riana: The Ring Comes to Life to Scare Us All…

Magicians have a long history of entertaining the world with the impossible, Sacred Riana uses a rather unique approach, she not only entertains with the impossible but she also introduces scaring the pants off people as a form of entertainment.

Indonesia born Sacred Riana recently won the Asia’s Got Talent competition by literally giving the judges a serious case of the creeps. During her performances for AGT she takes the Ring persona right to the limit and it works, she did win after all. The resemblance is immediately noticeable but the twitching and lack of verbal communication lock in the persona.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the latest and greatest Sacred Riana scary moments, from her AGT winning performances to her The Next Mentalist video. Also included in this collection of videos is the interview with the girl behind the magic Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani. Sit back relax and prepare to be creeped out and amazed at the same time.

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Keyless Unlawful Entry, Stealing Cars using a Key Relay Device…

Law enforcement officials around the world are constantly facing new challenges when it comes to unscrupulous individuals taking other people’s stuff. The latest challenge for police is the Key Relay Deice that can be used to steal your car by transmitting its fob signal to open and start the car with almost no effort.

Security experts have been aware of the Key Relay Devices since 2011 but in recent years their use has become more wide spread. As you will see from the video below thieves using a key relay device are able to simply stand within the transmission range of your key fob and using a relay transmitter send the signal to another relay device held near your car and hey presto your car is opened. This isn’t a security flaw but a natural by-product of cars using a proximity sensor to unlock the car, if you must press an open the doors button on your fob your car isn’t susceptible to this attack.

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That’s Got to Hurt, Nope She’s OK. Badass Skier Angel Collinson.

Angel Collinson has experienced many skiing misadventures during her quest for the extreme, but none as remarkable as her recent trip to Alaska filming for the upcoming Snowboard and Skiing feature film Paradise Waits.

Alaska for Angel is a tale of badassdom, a trip that may cement her the title of Living a True Thug Life. Deep in the heart of the Alaskan Wilderness the drop offs are near vertical and Angel leaps right on in. After a few smooth controlled turns and still perfectly in control the mountain bites back with an innocent looking flow of loose powder that quickly turns into a little avalanche. The rest is legend making.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the indestructible Angel Collinson and her spectacular out-takes for Paradise Waits. Sit back relax and prepare to see what happens when gravity takes control.

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Finnish Police Release Ridiculous Anti-Rape Video, Apparently You Should Just Use the Force.

With the turmoil of New Year’s Eve rape epidemic in Europe (yes there were many other cities that also suffered in the same way as Cologne) only just beginning to settle down the Finnish Police have released a video likely to stir the flames of anger, rather than quell the rage.

After a flood of nonsensical ideas from politicians and council members, ideas that ranged from put on more cloths to keep at least 3 meters away from migrants, the Finnish suggestion has to be by far the most ridiculous and disturbing suggestion of them all, ‘Use the Force!’ There’s even a video to go with the campaign and it really doesn’t help make this idea seem any more sensible.

Presented for your viewing discretion is the worst public service announcement since Snoop Dog was forced to convince kids that smoking is bad. Sit back relax and if you’re a lady wanting to venture out please be sure to have completed your Jedi training first.

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The Creepiest Christmas Message Prize Goes To Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics have put their incredible robot making skills to hard work creating a very scary Christmas message, a message that’s creeper than a car load of scary clowns. With three of their robot dog’s Spot playing the part of Santa’s Reindeer Boston may have been trying to give us a Christmas greeting from the future but they may have actually delivered a future Christmas warning of Charles Dickens proportions (Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come).

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Boston Dynamics holiday message from the future, a future that sees Rudolf being a headless and therefore noseless robot Reindeer. Maybe it’s the fact I played Rudolf when I was a kid or maybe it’s just the fact that Santa says Happy Holidays and not Merry Christmas but I definitely get a creepy feeling when watching this one.

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WTF! Real Live Zombie or Just Plain Crazy?

Strange videos appear at an incredible pace on the internet but from time to time something appears that must be categorized as highly strange. In these times of high strangeness this one may just take the cake.

In the video a suspect is being pursued by dozens of officers. After shooting a California Highway Patrolman during a routine traffic stop in West Covina California the suspect was shot multiple times before taking off in his SUV and initiating the pursuit.  More shots were fired at the suspect during the pursuit but all to no avail.

About 30 seconds into the video the strangeness continues to accelerate. Ending the chase by driving into a dirt field, and parking, the suspect appears out of his shot up SUV and is as grey as a ghost, blood loss? He eerily resembles a zombie with an unhealthy dose of corpse face and blood absolutely everywhere.

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The Legend of the Six Moob Sumo…

Please be warned this video contains images so disturbing that you may never forget them!

There was a legend in ancient Japan of a Sumo so powerful that he could not be contained by any mortal man, a sumo wrestler so powerful that he was considered a god. The source of this sumo wrestler’s power was his distinctive six pack of man boobs or moobs.

In modern times the return of this legendary six moob sumo has been associated with the return of the Japanese dragon to power, the return of the old ways. An association that may be coming to pass with the recent sighting of a new modern six moob sumo, is the prophecy coming to pass? Maybe, maybe not as unfortunately the latest incarnation of the six moob sumo doesn’t seem to have the irrepressible powers as his forbears, he may just be a man who needs to own his boobage.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Sumo wrestler with the most, the sumo wrestler that takes moobs to a whole new level. Sit back, relax and prepare to be shocked into exercising by the legendary six moob sumo. You have been warned, pressing the play button may change you forever.

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Epic Roof Jump, GoPro Insanity…

Treating the entire world as an urban gymnasium professional stunt man Ethan Swanson has ventured out for another workout. After attaching a GoPro to himself Ethan takes us through his new favourite workout routine that combines a four story high building, an angled house rooftop and a spiral staircase. To see how all of this turns into a workout you’ll have to watch the video.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest workout that you should not try at home, in fact here at Highpants we highly recommend avoiding anything with the word work or out in it. Sit back, relax and prepare to see the lengths people will go to to fill their GoPro.

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