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NSFW: FEMEN Try to Steal Baby Jesus, Again…

NOT SAFE FOR WORK – Ukrainian nearly naked protesters FEMEN are making a nearly annual event of their baby Jesus protest. The internet’s favourite feminist protest group first attempted to make a grab for baby Jesus in 2014, on that occasion they managed to make a run for it with the nativity scenes baby Jesus in hand.

Fast forward to Christmas Day 2017 and the king of all nativity scenes, the St Peter’s Square Nativity scene in Vatican City was the target of the nearly naked protesters. The FEMENista was stopped short of grabbing the baby Jesus by the Vatican’s Swiss guards as shocked onlookers failed to believe their eyes.

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Sexy Star Wars the Lost Auditions – Sara Jean Underwood.

With the the final cut out of editing and release of the new Star Wars movie fast approaching (December 17 here in Oz) it is time to consider what might have been.

Take the case of model, actress and gamer babe Sara Jean Underwood who was so keen to be a part of the latest film that she tried out for every possible role in the upcoming awakening of the force. Unfortunately none of her audition attempts were successful.

From the obvious to the unexpected Sara presented all of the potential characters. Some are catchy, some funny and others down right sexy, so how was she overlooked? Presented for your viewing pleasure is the audition tape made with a wink and a smile.

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Auto Show Models banned for being Too Hot, or was it the Dancing?…

The Auto Shanghai Model controversy may just be getting underway but here at SickLittleMonkey we believe one important piece of evidence has been overlooked. Evidence that suggests it was the dancing and not the raciness of the models that caused the ban.

As a little background the organisers of Auto Shanghai 2015 announced earlier this year that they would replace racy models with sales representatives and car cleaners for the Auto Shanghai show that finished last week. Not happy about the decision the models who would have been working at the show decided to protest by dressing up as beggars; torn dresses, fake dirt and cardboard signs. Unsuspecting passers-by must have wondered why the beggars look like models around here.

The reasoning for the ban is a hot topic for discussion but one piece of evidence needs to be studied before the subject is broached. Our prime piece of evidence to support the hypothesis is the amazing Alpine girls of the Bangkok Motor Show. A video that manages to combine some of the sexiest Motor Show models with a dancing style that makes you cringe deep down, just a little. This we suspect is the cause of the booth babe ban in Shanghai.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the must watch Alpine Booth Babes shaking their thing; its sexy, its more than a little odd and it will definitely put a smile on your dial. Sit back relax and hit the big red play button to get the show on the road.

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Anne Hathaway doing Miley Cyrus is The Hottest Thing You’ll See This Week…

From time to time life throws up an unexpected surprise, something that could not have been foreseen but stuns once in sight. Anne Hathaway lip syncing to Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball is just such an occasion. Unexpectedly hilarious and somehow just too damn sexy, this is probably how wrecking ball should have been all along.

The performance was recorded during a recent episode of Lip Sync Battle, a show that saw Anne Hathaway go to lip sync war with Emily Blunt. While Blunt dug deep to find her inner Joplin syncing to ‘Piece of My Heart’ Hathaway’s extroverted rendition of Wrecking Ball will keep men up at night for years to come.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest Lip Sync Battle to take the internet by storm, Anne Hathaway versus Emily Blunt. See the second video for both excellent performances. Sit back relax and prepare to be both amused and distracted.

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Ronda Rousey, this Female Fighting Machine is a Legitimate Badass…

MMA cage fighting for women might still be finding its place in the world of sports and entertainment but it has already produced a legend, a badass named ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey. A fighter of such legendary proportions that Rowdy Roddy Piper personally gave her permission to use his nickname. A legendary reputation built by climbing over the bodies of her opponents after attempting to tare arms from shoulders.

Ronda is the number one female MMA fighter in the world and pound for pound she is one of the best fighters to enter the octagon ring, male or female. Officially she is ranked number one female MMA bantamweight fighter in the world according to the Unified Women’s MMA rankings, she even makes 7th position on the combined men’s and women’s rankings.

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Drinking Problems Don’t Get Any Better Than This…

A drinking problem is ordinarily a personal issue that would require the assistance of kind hearted souls to resolve but this is not always the case, as Woki Toki have demonstrated in their latest video. With a stunning backdrop one stunning ski bunny proves that a drinking problem is not always something that we should stop.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the best kind of drinking problem; a video that combines hot chocolate, a hot babe and an inability to actually consume the liquid sustenance. Sit back, relax and just try to stop watching this video.

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Space Girl Plays Portal and the Lauren Francesca Key of Awesome Highlights…

Space Girl returns once more with a slight side step from her normal adventures in space to enter the portal universe for a while. Can there be anything better than our favourite B-Movie character being immersed in one of our favourite video games?

The buxom beauty behind Space Girl is of course Lauren Francesca, a talented actress and model who has been working her way through the internet’s funny bone for many years now. While her YouTube Channel ‘IWantMyLauren’ is her latest foray into generating laughs she has actually been performing on stage and with many comedy troops for years. She was there from the beginning when The Key of Awesome, Barely Political, Epic Meal Time and Mondo Media were first starting out.

If Lauren’s YouTube channel isn’t enough to satisfy your lust for laughs and you want to get to know lady behind Space Girl a little better visit the links bellow, there is no escaping the incredible Lauren. Remember to subscribe, follow and like.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest Space Girl video shot inside the world of Portal along with the Lauren Francesca Key of Awesome highlights, the hilarious back catalogue of awesome skits. Sit back, relax and be prepared to get to know the world of Lauren Francesca just a little better.

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Space Girl: Nude Comments and the Story So Far…

YouTube starlet iwantmylauren has made a name for herself producing her own brand of funny sexy catchy videos. While the team behind Lauren produces a myriad of different series and bits Space Girl is the one that really made a mark on us here at SLM. Harking back to the days of the classic B-Movie Space Girl follows the adventures of one plucky scientist trying to find her way through the big bad universe.

The latest video released in the Space Girl series ‘Space Girl: Nude Comments’ takes us behind the scenes as Lauren answers many of the fan questions relating to story of Space Girl: Origins, and shooting nude scenes. Space Girl: Origins was the last actual episode released and it tries to provide a little back story to the series. The Nude Comments discussion also goes further in providing back story and charisma, a must watch video.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is Space Girl in all of her glory. Get ready to be drawn into the Adventures of Space Girl as she escapes Dr Brain’s lab only to be thrust into universe of danger and mystery. Sit back, relax and get the popcorn supply ready Space Girl is unstoppable and irrepressible.

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NSFW. FEMEN Exposed, Going Topless To Snatch the Baby Jesus…

NOT SAFE FOR WORK: Those exuberant sextremist protesters FEMEN have once again returned to unleash their unique brand of topless protest on the world. Russian news channel RT have spent time getting to know the FEMEN girls and gained a very interesting perspective of FEMEN in action, with and without their cloths on.

Presented for you viewing pleasure are two videos exposing the inner secrets of a protest group using their breasts as weapons against oppression around the world. Join RT for the documentary ‘FEMEN: Exposed’ detailing the real story of FEMEN. Also included is the latest FEMEN protest that features one of the FEMEN girls going topless to snatch the Baby Jesus from a nativity scene at the Vatican.

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The Space Girl Sizzle Reel, B-Movie Space Adventure Highlights Never Looked So Good…

The adventures of Space Girl are renowned around the galaxy. The series follows the busty heroine Space Girl as she gets herself into and out of trouble all over outer space. Caught in sticky situations Space Girl always has a cunning solution just in the nick of time.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Space Girl Sizzle Reel, the best ‘best of video’ released this year. The highlights from the series trying to bring back the B-movie science fiction one cleavage shot at a time. A video that condenses the greatest adventures of Space Girl into a 3 minute action packed music video. Sit back, relax and prepare to be stunned and amazed.

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101 Ways to Twerk versus Team Twerk at DHQ Fraules…

The pinnacle of shaking your booty, the Twerk, is taking over dance floors. Once only ever seen in the darkened light of a strip club the twerk has now gone mainstream. Milley turned heads twerking too hard while J-Lo dropped draws with a twerk of epic proportions.

Tonight we pit two videos against each other, two opponents that approach the twerk from two completely different angles. Russian dance studio DHQ Fraules brings raw sex appeal with its group twerking video, possibly the hottest twerk in history. ‘101 Ways to Twerk’ on the other hand is the funniest twerking video in history, still hot but crazy funny hot.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the two greatest twerking videos of all time, they will make you laugh, they will make you stare but most of all the will get pulses racing around the world. Site back, relax and hit that play button (>), its time to twerk.

101 Ways to Twerk

101 Ways to Twerk, the Banana Twist
101 Ways to Twerk, the Banana Twist

While twerking may be taking over the world one dance floor at a time it is now evolving, we have much to learn.

To this end 101 Ways to Twerk is not only educational but it also happens to be the funniest twerking video ever made. Managing to pull of the rare double of being hot while making us laugh, two parts of the brain that rarely play nice.

This hilarious take on the subtleties of the technique is presented by YouTube starlet Christina Jacquelyn Calph through her Bad Girls Ball channel. Dancer, model and all round entertainer Cristina got the balance just right with 101 Ways, funny sexy smart is no easy feat.

Even the unexpected appearance of Christiana’s twerk stalker can’t throw off their twerk, it only makes the video funnier. Seen in the background throughout the video the power of the twerk eventually forces the stalker to join the dance.

Booty / Twerk by DHQ Fraules

DHQ Fraules Team Twerk
DHQ Fraules Team Twerk

Russian Dance studio DHQ Fraules presents twerking at its sexiest,presenting FraulesGirls team twerking to the beats of FM$ (Freak My Shit) by New Boyz.

The girls from DHQ Fraules push the twerk sex appeal past normal human limits, producing a toe tapping hypnotic video that shows the world the raw power of the twerk. Elena Yatkina is the Russian blonde bombshell behind the DHQ girls, her dance studio is quickly making a name for itself as unashamedly off the charts hot.

It is often said that with great power comes great responsibility, let’s hope the girls of DHQ fully comprehend the power of their twerking abilities.


After much consideration, videos have been watched and re-watched, techniques examined and slow motion engaged, we must decide upon a winner for this battle. According to the view numbers DHQ’s Booty Twerk video should be announced the winner of this twerk off. Instead after much discussion the Highpants winner has been awarded to 101 Ways to Twerk. This controversial decision has caused much friction around the office but we feel it is justified on the grounds that the boss is always right. While DHQ was hotter and had the numbers 101 Ways had so much more, it was educational, funny and still a little hot. Taking us to new and strange places while educating, win win.

Hopefully this journey of discovery has now instilled an understanding of what it is to Twerk. The funny side of the booty shake along with the raw energy and appeal of this rump riding dance technique. Twerk on people.

Buddha’s Brother out…

DHQ Fraules other work.

Twerking with the Stalker