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Adrenalin inducing fast paced video from around the internet.

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Ten, Tyre Shredding Madness…

Ken Block, the master of sideways madness has gathered his team of spanner wielding maniacs for Gymkhana Ten. To celebrate the release of this tenth Gymkhana the ‘The Hoonigans’ have assembled 10 extreme tyre slaying street racing machines. With so much horsepower assembled it should be no surprise that this epic Gymkhana video is also the longest so far at 19 minutes.

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The X Games FreeStyle MotoCross, The X Games of Spectacular…

For dirt bike action at its most spectacular you can’t go past freestyle motocross (FMX). The proprietors of adrenaline at the X Games know this well and are riding the wave of this fast-evolving sport. With full broadcast episodes of their latest FMX events available through YouTube the X Games are winning new fans all over the web.

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Road Rage with Fireworks…

Road rage is the scourge of our modern world but one man has come up with a creative way to fire back at ragers. Sure, we’ve all thought of the perfect comeback minutes after an angry encounter but this clever cyclist has a more immediate way to respond, fireworks. Having mounted plastic piping on his bicycle, and with a lighter and fireworks at hand this cyclist was prepared for any rage event that may occur. Of course it didn’t take long for the angry green monster to appear with a scooter and his pillion passenger engaging in some creative sign language and aggressive riding, time for the fireworks.

Presented for you viewing pleasure is the one cyclist with the perfect solution to aggressive attitudes on the road, have a fireworks show. While the raising of the middle finger may be the standard response the fireworks just seem a whole lot more satisfying. Sit back relax and prepare to be amused by this demonstration of multitasking, even it is just slightly staged.

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Flaming Gasoline down a Mine Shaft, the Flaming Hell Hole…

What happens when a group of lads combine a 250-foot-deep abandoned mine shaft with flammable liquids? Spectacular blow back, naturally. The remnants of the early mining days of the wild west in America the hell hole is aptly named as it seems to continue down all the way to Hades itself.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the flammable antics of a group of adventurous lads. Without a doubt this is one of those don’t try this at home moments, in fact just venturing near abandoned mine shafts is a dangerous activity, let alone combining flammable liquids and mine shafts. Sit back relax and from the relative comfort and safety of your living room chair enjoy the spectacular blowback from hell’s hole.

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Red Bull Rampage 2017, Insanity on 2 Wheels has Never Looked So Spectacular.

Red Bull loves to promote all things extreme in the sporting world but their Red Bull Rampage is arguably one of the most spectacular events their extreme minds have come up with. With stomach churning action, death defying leaps of faith and some of the most highly skilled mountain bike riders skirting along the cliffs of Virgin, Utah the 2017 Rampage is without a doubt the peak of extreme sports. Just watching the videos may cause some to break out in a cold sweet and vertigo induced head spins.

This years event was taken out by Canadian Kurt Sorge who became the first three time winner in the events history. Cam Zink and Rampage rookie Ethan Nell took out send and third places respectfully.

Presented for you viewing insanity is the craziest action on two wheels to be presented by Red Bull, an event that has redefined getting air with action that requires nerves of steel and a sense of balance that may just be verging on super human. Sit back and relax, but be sure to hang on tight and buckle yourself into your chair for this one, it really will cause your head to spin with the real chance of you falling out of your chair.

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The First Giant Fighting Robot Duel was Amazing, the Future Begins Here…

The culmination of years of intensive design and construction has led to this one single moment, a moment that has seen one of the most striking images of science fiction come to life before our very eyes. The world finally has real fighting giant robots, heavy steel crafted in our own image and controlled by our own hands.

This week in an abandoned steel mill in Japan the future became juxtaposed with the present as the very first battle of the giant robots took place, a battle that introduced the world to every anime and science fiction fans dream.

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Drone Powered Human Flight…

Casey Neistat, man about town and YouTube personality has returned once again to stun us with the world’s longest selfie. In all seriousness this time around he’s put together one hell of a drone, a stunning work of technological largess that screams adrenaline on a new scale.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is Casey Neistat’s latest personal transportation idea, an idea we can actually see taking off. With 16 large blades and more people chopping potential than a room full of running whipper snippers you know this one will be thrilling from the outset. Sit back relax and hang on tight as drone powered human flight becomes a thing, largely thanks to the inaugural flight of the Neistat Chopper.

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The Giant Octopus Kite, Spectacular.

In this big-old world there are kites and then there are Giant Kites. A recent video of one such giant kite flying over the Marina Barrage dam in Singapore sent the internet into a flutter. The viral explosion occurring after Facebooker Erich Chew posted the video of the hypnotic kite in action.

According to website AsiaIOne the Giant Octopus takes six people and perfect conditions to get off the ground and the work doesn’t stop once its tentacle are airborne. Owned and flown by Show Kites Singapore, a small tight nit team of kite-flying enthusiasts motivated by nothing more than the love of it, the Octopus is one of the largest kites in Singapore, and one amazing sight.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the mesmerizing Giant Octopus Kite video, a clip so unusual you may wonder if it is CGI, it is not. Sit back relax and prepare to see how to turn a relaxing hobby into hard work, with spectacular results.

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Ken Block in Gymkhana Eight.

With his now even flashier Ford Fiesta in maximum drift mode for Gymkhana Eight Ken Block seems to own the streets and he puts ever bit of it to good use. The sideways antics are there as always but this time they seemed to have spared no expense, yes Ken Block has been set loose in Dubai.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest rubber melting video by the Hoonigans featuring the ultimate exotic playground of Dubai as a backdrop. Sit back relax and remember this is no ordinary Ford Fiesta.

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That’s Got to Hurt, Nope She’s OK. Badass Skier Angel Collinson.

Angel Collinson has experienced many skiing misadventures during her quest for the extreme, but none as remarkable as her recent trip to Alaska filming for the upcoming Snowboard and Skiing feature film Paradise Waits.

Alaska for Angel is a tale of badassdom, a trip that may cement her the title of Living a True Thug Life. Deep in the heart of the Alaskan Wilderness the drop offs are near vertical and Angel leaps right on in. After a few smooth controlled turns and still perfectly in control the mountain bites back with an innocent looking flow of loose powder that quickly turns into a little avalanche. The rest is legend making.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the indestructible Angel Collinson and her spectacular out-takes for Paradise Waits. Sit back relax and prepare to see what happens when gravity takes control.

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