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Strange lights, flying saucers and unidentified objects in the sky and under the sea.

Stunning Cloud Camouflage UFO.

Making atmospheric waves on the internet this week is a most unusual UFO (besides the cube UFO, been a big week), that seems to be camouflaged as a cloud.

Captured flying in the skies above North Philadelphia what at first glance appears to be a smallish fluff of cloud staying relatively stationary quickly becomes far more interesting. Captured by Hector Garcia, who’s excited voice is also captured, the video continues un-spectacularly until Hector zooms in and the cloud can be seen to rotate unlike any natural cloud. Then it starts to move and things get really weird.

Debate is currently raging as to the nature of this unidentified flying object, an industrial sized bubble, natural but unusual cloud formation, the list goes on. The Paranoid Android in us screams out unnatural object but as always knowledge is completely democratic, you watch and make up your own mind.

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The Project Blue Book Files…

News has recently hit the internet that the US Government has released the Project Blue Book files for the world to see, the news even made its way to the mainstream media’s headlines. Truth is that the files have been online for a while the real news was that the files had become available freely in easily searchable .pdf format via the BlackVault.

Released under the freedom of information act the files had been assembled over many years by BlackVault and Fold3. With it being widely reported that the latest set of documents were released thanks to a request from BlackVault’s John Greenewald Jr. The entire archive had actually been collected via many people making many requests over many decades. The files themselves 22 years of UFO sightings and investigations.

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UFO Releasing Orbs over Western Massachusetts…

Strangeness Video have this week released a spectacular video that captures a highly unusual UFO encounter in Massachusetts. Posted on the 14th of January 2015 the short video features a large luminous orb releasing 5 smaller orbs in formation. The night time footage is clear and cannot easily be explained away as flares, Chinese lanterns or quadcopters.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the spectacular case of a UFO launching smaller craft in plain sight. Have UFO’s given up trying to hide their activities? Is a UFO invasion currently underway? As always keep an open mind and consider the evidence carefully.

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Unexplained Footage: Behold a Black Horse, Flying in the Sky?

Footage has recently emerged from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that seems to have captured a black horse flying through the skies. While the creature captured by the video does bare a striking resemblance to a horse it is obviously no ordinary horse, a black Pegasus perhaps? While many on the internet have jumped straight into revelations proclaiming ‘Behold a Black Horse’ here at Paranoid Android we wonder if the Black Stallion learned a new trick, run really fast and then start flying? All we know for sure is that this video is likely to remain a mystery, remain unexplained.

The footage was captured during a particularly violent thunder storm over the city of Jeddah, a storm that would normally send a horse running panicked in an effort to escape. Not this unidentified object equine, it seems to revel in the storms strong winds and lightening.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is one of the most unusual sights to have been spotted in the skies over Saudi Arabia. An incredibly strange unidentified object that has many on the internet anticipating the appearance of a pale horse next, along with the associated apocalypse. Sit back relax and get ready for a wild ride.

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Anomalous Spiral Lights in the Sky are Still Appearing Around the World…

Norway December 2009 saw a massive story break around the world ‘What are the Anomalous Spiral Lights in the Skies above Norway?” The question was echoed around the world by every news and cable channel, the story very quickly went viral. You may have assumed the phenomenon was a once off, especially if you watch cable news but the truth is they continue to occur to this day.

The Norway Anomalous Spiral incident was after a few months explained as a failed rocket test carried out by Russia, and the story went quiet. This explanation however didn’t sit well with many people and raised more questions than answers. How is it possible for a rocket to spin in place and burn up for nearly 10 minutes, more time than it has fuel for? Then there is also the fact that rockets are sent a self destruct mechanism to stop out of control rockets slamming back to Earth and potentially causing massive damage (see the video of the Titan 4 Explosion at Cape Canaveral).

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Unexplained Footage: The Strange Semi Transparent UFO.

An image has recently emerged that has captured a most unusual sight in the skies over Vienna Austria, an amazing unexplained semi transparent craft floating in the sky.

YouTube channel UFO Ovni Disclosure received the report and image of this highly unusual and so far unexplained transparent craft. From the vantage point of his balcony the witness reports he spotted the object floating above the clouds for two minutes but the unusual craft vanished as soon as the first photograph was taken.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the brief video of a very different looking kind of craft, something strange this way comes.

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The Best UFO’s of November 2014.

YouTube Channel Third Phase of the Moon has once again put together a kick-ass collection of UFO sightings reported to their website during November 2014. As always with the ThirdPhase compilations many of the sightings include interviews with the witnesses who captured the videos. Also wait till the end of the video for the raw footage.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are some of the strangest and most unusual sights captured in the skies around the world. Kudos to ThirdPhase, keep up the good work. Sit back, relax and prepare to scratch your head once again.

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Has SecureTeam10 Been Caught Perpetrating a Hoax?

YouTube channel SecureTeam10 has this month been accused of producing and promoting a fake UFO video. The video being questioned ‘Giant Body Behind Saturn Entering Solar System’ is causing quite a stir.

DazzaTheCamerman has done the leg work and has in my opinion collected some fairly strong evidence that if correct would seem to indicate that this video may be a hoax. As always here at Paranoid Android we suggest every person consider all of the facts and make up your own mind. In fact everyone should always hear everything and believe nothing, do your own research and always question what you see. Then based on the facts subscribe or unsubscribe based on your own discoveries, and always reserve the right to change your mind if new evidence is presented.

The world is not short on wonders, mysteries for us to ponder and dig into. An important part of trying to discover and understand the truth is to remove the easily explainable (noise) in order to concentrate your efforts on the true mysteries. Both believing too easily and not believing at all are closed doors to the truth, hoaxers and professional debunkers are equally destructive in the search for answers. If the video is a fake the easiest thing for SecureTeam10 to do is just admit they made a mistake and move on, they have far too much interesting content on their channel to risk it all.

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The Best UFO Sightings of July 2014

Third Phase of Moon have searched the internet from top to bottom in order to compile the best UFO sightings captured during the month of July. With a busy month for UFO sightings Third Phase had their work cut out researching and documenting the videos included but research they did.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is Blake Cousins presenting the unusual and unidentified objects flying in our skies. We aren’t really sure why he’s walking around in a forest but he seems happy. Sit back, relax and let the mystery unfold.

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Free HD Film: UFO’s the Secret History

UFOTV have many excellent full length documentaries freely available to watch on YouTube. This week here at Paranoid Android we have enjoyed the highly detailed history of the modern phenomenon that is ‘UFO’s: The Secret History’. A history that begins with Kenneth Arnold and the events that first coined the term UFO.

“Scrupulously accurate, intelligently conceived, UFOs: The Secret History is the thinking viewer’s guide to the puzzles and paradoxes of an extraordinary phenomenon that continues to haunt our times and trouble our dreams. It is also gorgeously filmed – a feast to eye and mind, a thrilling experience on every level.” according to Jerome Clark, author of the award-winning multi-volume UFO Encyclopaedia.

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