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The more we learn the more mysteries we seem to uncover.

Paranoid Android Blipverts, Highlights from the Astounding Web…

Paranoid Android are proud to present for you reading pleasure the latest UFO and Alien related articles from around the worlds wobbly web. After searching high and low for the latest unusual happenings and strange going on’s, we quickly realized that it has been a week of highly strange activity.

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The UFO Wars, a UFO Filmed Exploding in Space…

Recently a highly unusual video came to the world’s attention, a video that appears to have captured two UFO’s going into battle at the edge of space. A skirmish that results in one UFO returning home and only the debris field remaining of the other.

The video was captured by armature astronomer Elijah Prychodzko, with his trusty iPhone attached to a telescope Elijah hit record after noticing something unrecognized in the sky. Shot on December 20, around 5 p.m. in Sacramento Elijah immediately knew he had captured something bizarre.

First aired by CBS 13 the footage appears to show two different sized objects at extremely high altitude.  In the video Elijah can be heard to say “Oh my God, it just blew up. Something blew up”.

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The Hubble Pyramid on the Moon image…

The shadow stretches far to the left giving an incredible sense of dimension and shape to the Pyramid.  A stunning simple image that seems to portray an anomalous structure on the moon, a structure that logically just shouldn’t be there.

The image itself clearly portrays an unnaturally perfect pyramid casting a long shadow onto the Moons grey surface. The angles and lines of the pyramid are absolutely perfect, far too perfect to be an accident of nature.

Included for your viewing pleasure is the original video that started the ball rolling, copied and pasted to thousands of blogs and websites around the world. Hit the play button, watch the video and you decide, the real deal or internet hoax?

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The Anomalous Mercury Void, a Gateway to Mercury’s Underworld….

News this week is reverberating around the internet, while orbiting Mercury the Messenger space probe has captured images of something highly unusual, what appears to be a pitch black void, a doorway to the underworld of Mercury.

Eagle eyed NASA enthusiast Scott C Warring (of UFO Sightings Daily) discovered the anomaly within the publicly available data; this particular image is part of the MDIS global mosaic basemap data. The doorway is located adjacent to the Victoria Rupes Cliffs and includes un-naturally straight edges and near perfect corners. Using the adjacent craters for scale the doorway is 5.6km / 3.4 mile wide, if this is the garage door how big is the car?

Taking a closer look at the Mercury void image there appears to be an unusual distortion around the edges, there is no shadow to suggest shape or dimension. Closer inspection shows the completely black shape is a lack of anything more than it is an object.

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Curiosity Spies Mars Pyramid, From a Distance…

Curiosity, the Mars rover that everybody loves, has since landing on Mars sent a steady stream of information back to Earth, some of it very surprising. A number of pictures appear to show the distinctive outline of a Pyramid.

Appearing first in early August a number of Curiosity’s spectacular panorama photos appear to show a large Pyramid off in the distance. Nestled amongst the natural rough edges of the surrounding craters edge, appearing to be a mountain range, the clean asymmetric shape stands out.

Of course Curiosity has a long mission ahead of her, plenty of time to explore the more controversial sights. While the scientists seem content keeping Curiosity digging in the dirt for very simple early life forms, it may have just stumbled upon evidence of intelligent life.

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Surfing The Corona, The Sun Surfing UFO…

The NASA Satellite SOHO has once again captured footage of highly strange sights near our Sun. The 24th of April started of as any other day for SOHO’s Lasco C2 camera, little did it know the controversy it would stir. Recorded at 08:12 am by Lasco C2 was an object unusual enough to capture the attention of UFO Sceptics and believers alike.

Captured surfing within the Corona of the Sun is what appears to be a mechanical craft, made of disparate parts the craft is enormous and impervious to the effects of the Sun’s intense radiation. Surfing the Sun’s Corona may not be the typical surf destination but SOHO seems to have captured an unusual craft doing just that.

Included for you viewing pleasure are two video’s of the mysterious craft, highlighting the similar sighting on October 27th, 2011. Joe Satriani’s Surfing With The Alien has been included for nostalgia’s sake, enjoy. See the footage, stare in wonder, Surf With The Aliens. UFO or high energy particles interfering with the sensor?

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SDO Spots Dark Star UFO Parked Next To The Sun!!!

The online world is abuzz with talk of the most important and incredible UFO video released for many years.  During March 11 2012, for 80 hours, SDO recorded a dark planet sized sphere locked in place near the Sun’s surface. While many wild theories are already doing the rounds scientists have no explanation for what this object could possibly be.

Seeming to defy the laws of nature the dark sphere appears to be a void of immense size that is stationary and locked in place. The video is highly unusual, even for Paranoid Android, with a planet sized void sitting just off the Sun’s surface.

SDO, SOHO and the other solar observing satellites have already recorded some unusual objects in impossible places. During 2011 recordings showed a more triangular shaped craft. February saw SOHO and STEREO recorded unusual objects within the Suns corona. See ‘Solar Star Cruisers for the previous videos.

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UFO Portals Part 1. Circles Of Fire In The Sky…

UFO Portals is a term applied to a number of unexplained phenomenon often observed and recorded by people around the world. The phenomenon can be broken down into a number of different observed phenomenon. Each with a number of unique characteristics, each deserving individual study.

The Circles of Fire phenomenon is the topic of today’s article, a topic that has been seen in mainstream media recently. The Circles of Fire is an unusual atmospheric phenomenon that was seen by a number of witnesses around the world on January 23rd, 2012. A highly energetic band or circle of an almost electrical looking flame the Circle of Fire.

The other variations of the UFO Portal Phenomenon, HAARP Spiral Portals, Smoke Rings and Cloud Formations along with Other UFO Portal events, will be covered in upcoming articles.

Today presented for your viewing pleasure are two videos highlighting the Circles of Fire phenomenon. First up is the Jamie Muassan video, his teams investigation and findings surrounding this latest phenomenon that has gone viral, The Circles of Fire. Investigators Santiago Yturria and Fernando Correa present their findings on the unusual phenomenon recently witnessed by large numbers of people.

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NASA’s Hubble Trident UFO Video, Klingons Off The Starboard Bow.

While it may not be the newest video on YouTube, it is it’s first appearance on Highpants. Once again NASA have supplied evidence of something most unusual travelling through the vastness of space.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope using it’s Wide Field Camera 3, has happened upon this sight most unusual. Captured by its lens is what appears to be a trident shaped craft trailing through streams of space dust. There appears to be a solid craft within, with an unusual but very angular shape. No matter what the object may  be it looks very science-fiction’y, straight out of an episode of Star Trek – Next Generation.

Study the video for yourself, asteroid debris or the coolest looking UFO seen in years.
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