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Primitive Technology: Making a Natural Draft Furnace.

If you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world there is one man you want in your new village, John Plant of the Primitive Technology website. Via his Primitive Technology site John has assembled a multitude of incredible videos that can teach you how to survive and thrive in a world where your two hands are the only technology you have to rely on.

Shot in far North Queensland the videos document projects ranging from a primitive hut that includes a ceramic tiled roof and the blast furnace you will need to make the tiles. Other fascinating projects include a water powered hammer and fresh water prawn traps. Everything is made using materials available in the bush and provides a fascinating look back at how humanity once thrived in the rain-forests of the world. If you thought living without your mobile phone for a day was a challenging experience try living in the jungle Primitive Technology style.

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The Santilli Satellite Discovers Anti-Matter Entities, Really.

As our scientific understanding expands the boundaries of the known universe are also pushed further back. Antimatter is one of the new boundaries of the known and it looks like it might be even stranger than the quantum world.

Thunder Energies Corporation CEO and Chief Scientist Dr Ruggero M Santilli recently published a paper in the American Journal of Modern Physics presenting astonishing evidence that is pushing our known boundaries right into the universe of the strange by sensationally revealing the discovery of Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) within the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

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High Strangeness: Anti-Gravity Event in China?

Warning, you are about to enter a world of High Strangeness. Hit the play button to unlock the door to a world very much like our own, just much stranger. Confusing our perceptions and consternating the laws of physics the causes of this high strangeness are still a complete mystery.

The video opens with traffic flowing through a non-descript intersection in China. Traffic is flowing and life seems to be moving just as expected, everything is nice and normal. Then in the blink of an eye the High Strangeness door is swung open for a couple of second’s and in that time gravity seems to take a break as the cars near the intersection seem to leap into the air.

Like the infamous magic bullet that killed Kennedy the magic wire theory is leading the list of popular explanations. A theory that supposes a very thin high tensile wire has somehow become entangled with the cars as they passed over. Some cars lifted from the front some from the rear while even a car travelling in the opposite direction is caught up in the action. Giving the wire theory more weight  is the fact that as the cars are flung into the air there are a number of strange objects ricocheting around, small objects that seem to also be involved somehow. While the wire is a popular theory there is only one flaw with it, no wire can be seen no matter how much you zoom in or slow down the video, and for the wire to effect so many cars in so many ways there must have been masses of cable coiled all over the road.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is a video so mysterious and confusing that it may just make your head hurt for a while. Was it as simple as a wire on the road or something far more mysterious? Will you believe your own eyes or is your mind put at peace with a simple yet unconvincing explanation? Sit back relax and prepare to question your own perceptions.

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Interesting Science: The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the many scourges of modern life and the cure for this melody may have been staring us in the face this whole time. Dr Jason Fung is no quack and has been achieving very interesting results through nutritional programs based around calorie restriction diets and fasting at his practice in Ontario Canada. Sharing many of his findings via a series of YouTube lecture videos Dr Fung may contradict many of the standard treatment protocols for type 2 diabetes but his findings are none the less extremely interesting and well founded.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest lecture on reversing and curing type 2 diabetes by Dr Fung. Of course always consult you treating physician before making any major changes to your health plan and treatments. Sit back relax and prepare for the thoughts to be provoked.

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China has the Most Insane Traffic Jams in the World.

What happens when over a billion people come home from holiday at the same time? The world’s largest traffic jam of course, a traffic jam that stretches for 100 kilometres and takes 10 days to clear. Technically not really the result of the countries massive population alone but instead combination of a massive population far exceeding the roads capacity. One of the greatest examples of the Three Stooges effect in the world. In the Stooges case when all three try to enter a doorway simultaneously they create their own door jam.

In the case of China’s national highway 110 the chronic congestion is caused by annual traffic growth of 40% each year along with some poorly timed roadworks (began 5 days before the traffic jam) that made this year’s traffic jam particularly severe. Demand has overtaken capacity to such an extent that the traffic jam has now become an annual event at the close of China’s Golden Week, the week the whole of China takes off. Some citizens have even given up on the holiday and simply drive up the highway turn around and drive home, slowly. Camping when the congestion gets bad, driving when possible. Ok that last part doesn’t really happen but tell me it doesn’t sound possible.

Presented for you viewing pleasure is the drone footage of the world’s worst traffic jam, a highway that appears to have been turned into a parking lot by the laws of physics (two solid objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time). Sit back relax and be sure to get comfortable, this could take a while.

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A Glimpse in the Mind of a Psychopath? A Strange and Intense Video.

Empathy and understanding often offer us a brief glimpse into another person’s mind but rarely do we get to take a glimpse into a mind full of madness, and even more rarely do we get that glimpse and survive the encounter.

Stephen McDaniel may have such a mind. McDaniel’s was recently found guilty of the grisly murder of his neighbor and fellow law student Lauren Giddings, a case so disturbing that many in the media labelled McDaniel as truly evil. Soon after the murder McDaniel was interviewed by police and the two hour video (captured over 24 hours) gives a very unique glimpse into his mind. A video so strange that it raises questions about the very nature of who we are and the nature of evil. Is his a cold calculated performance dreamt up during his studies of law or is this evidence of something even stranger taking place? Is this a performance or is he a puppet?

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the strangest police interview released to the public in many years as well as the on the street news interview of McDaniel’s taken hours before the police interview. Sit back relax and prepare to be completely weirded out.

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Multiple Meteor Impacts in Iran.

A major meteor impact event has occurred in Iran (July 31) with reports starting to trickle in that suggest at least one of the impact events has caused major damage in Avaj, in the province of Qazvin northern Iran. Other reports are stating that multiple pieces of the meteor have hit Estehard, Alborz Province, Arsalan Qasemi but no damage has been reported.

Mainstream media seem to be ignoring this story for some reason, a story given even more impact by the fact that in the last couple of days meteors have also been seen in the skies of Australia, North Carolina, and Brazil but thankfully no impacts have been reported in these instances.

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How to Stop the Poaching of Endangered Species, the Shepherd Solution…

Now I have never claimed to be a smart individual, too much time in front of the TV on the couch, but I am adept at recognising a good idea when it echoes around the vast emptiness of my skull.

Sitting on said couch a little while ago it occurred to me that the western approach to saving endangered species from poachers is just not working! Trying to force your beliefs on another group of people, no matter how well intentioned, has always been fraught with dangers and is often destined to fail. There are many honourable groups trying to work on this problem but most seem to want to demonize the locals for not doing enough or blame them outright for poaching. Don’t misunderstand me poaching is an evil business but its cause is a human survival one.

The problem with the demonization is it doesn’t take into account the fact that above all people are survivors, most people around the world will do what needs to be done to survive, including poaching, and all people have a right to make a living and survive.

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Are Changes in our Solar System Being Covered Up? Inuit People and Others Warn of Drastic Earth Changes.

Since 2004 many astute armature astronomers have reported changes to the obit of the Earth and Moon around the Sun. In 2010 the Inuit population through ISUMA TV began to discuss the changes they are observing in their environment. The video published in 2010 ‘Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change’ discusses in great detail these changes, a must watch video for all interested in the Earth changes occurring.

Most surprising of all of these changes the Inuit people are reporting is the observation that the Sun and Moon have shifted position in the skies, the sun is rising and setting in a different place than it traditionally has. While this evidence may be called anecdotal by many I strongly believe the Inuit know exactly where the Sun should be rising and setting.

Many other people are also observing and trying to analyze these unexplained changes occurring within our solar system, some believe a tenth planet is exerting gravitation force while others believe that highly charged particles are making their way to the inner parts of our solar system. All the while the mainstream scientific community and media appear to have an unofficial black out on the subject. What are these changes and why are they being covered up?

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Unexplained Footage: Sirena the Mermaid on the Rocks…

From time to time we are given glimpse of the world that exists just past the point of our perceptions. A video released in 2013 caused quite a controversy by doing just that. The Amazing Mermaid on the Rocks video captures with incredible detail what appears to be a real mermaid on the rocks below. The footage was captured in Kiryat Yam, Israel 2013.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Mermaid video that seems to capture the impossible before our very eyes. Sit back, relax and prepare for a tough choice, question what I see or what I believe?

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Opportunity’s Amazing Donut Moment and the Other Incredible Mysteries of Mars…

Making headlines all over the solar system this week were the strange events unfolding on Mars. The Martian rover Opportunity this week received the freight of its life when a rock sneak up on it and sat quietly.

The events were noticed by earthbound scientists studying Opportunities surroundings during its winter hiatus. Stationary since September for the Martian winter scientists studying pictures taken 12 days apart noticed the appearance of a strange donut rock.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the most amazing out of this world images captured by humanities emissaries to other worlds, footage that will make you wonder. Sit back, relax and keep that tin foil hat handy, it could be getting busy on Mars.

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Unexplained Footage: Slenderman is real and invades Russian Town…

Just past the point of perception is strange and mysterious world, a world where monsters are real. From time to time we receive a brief glimpse into these shadows, but be warned there are nightmares in there.

A video has recently surfaced that seems to have captured a frightening creature that shouldn’t exists, a video that captures the Slenderman crawling down the side of a building in Russia.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the creepiest video to surface in recent months. Set this one to full screen mode if you have the nerve, just don’t look the Slenderman in the eyes, he may remember you.

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Unexplained Footage: The Mysterious Creature that escaped from the Japanese Tsunami…

Japan is a country of intense mythology but how much of this mythology is based on a real creature. Footage captured during the 2011 Tsunami seems to suggest there is something supernatural living below the streets of Japan.

Cameras filming the destruction overtaking the coast of Japan also happened to capture a mysterious and impossible creature. Leaping from the water, walking up a wall, shape-shifting and then disappearing, all in the blink of an eye.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the footage that had the world scratching its head and wondering, what the hell was that?

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President Obama and the Alien Videos…

Recently a number of highly unusual videos have appeared on YouTube, video’s that many suggest President Obama is surrounded by aliens.

The most recent footaparanoid androidge was captured during the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), March 2012. This meeting of many of the greatest minds from both nations has also spawned some very unusual footage.

Captured within the footage of the conference are two very strange individuals. Presented for your viewing pleasure are our 3 favourite Obama Alien videos. Two videos capture two rather strange individuals working for the President while the last video captures Obama himself seeming to disappear. As always watch the videos and you decide, something highly unusual or overly vivid imaginations.

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The Martian Golden Lizard, Rock Formation or Living Creature?

Stephen Hannard of ADGUG (Alien Disclosure UK) has once again discovered something most unusual amongst the hours of Curiosity footage sent back from Mars. Sitting on a rock baking in the sun appears to be a golden lizard.

With the front legs and paws casting shadows there appears to be a living form casting these shadows. Legs stretched out in front as it sits on its belly, head cranked up looking into the distance this is either an extremely unusual rock formation or an even stranger creature.

There is even more than a passing resemblance to the Egyptian Sphinx, sitting in exactly same pose but with a lizard like head instead of a lion. Could the Sphinx have been based on creature from another world?

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Alien Skulls discovered in Mexico, the Cemetery of the Gods…

Digging in the dirt can literally be like traveling back in time, especially if you know where to dig. The small town of Onavas Mexico is one such place, digging in the dirt on this occasion unearthed a very alien looking skull within a 1,000 year old cemetery.

The site known as El Cementerio was discovered in 1999 by locals digging new irrigation channels. So far 25 graves have been discovered in the cemetery, 13 of which exhibited artificial cranial deformation.

While most of the skulls appeared to be very human in appearance, with round eye sockets and normal jaw, one skull appeared a little different. Along with the deformed skull the eye socket, cheek and nose aren’t particularly normal in appearance. Combine all of these slightly unusual characteristics with the cone head shape and you have one very alien appearing skull, more than a little creepy looking.

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Pillars of Light, the Heavens Illuminated in Brazil…

Creating a tsunami wave of interest on YouTube is a video capturing a most unusual and unexplained phenomenon. Website released the video on the 17th of December, it has since generated considerable buzz amongst enthusiasts.

Filmed near the rural city of Palotina in the Brazilian state of Parana, the scene, a warm and cloudy afternoon looking out over the pastures, in the distance is what appears to be an immensely powerful spotlight emerging from the ground itself.

The first watching of the clip may leave you believing this is unusual but not unnatural phenomenon. These initial impressions though can’t dampen the feeling that something very strange has been captured on this video. Take a closer look; a second viewing may raise some unanswerable questions.

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Auroral Alien, the Alien Face of the Future staring back…

Spooky and attention grabbing, displayed for all to see floating in the Aurora is an Alien face, is this the face will being seeing more of in our future? Is that really the face of an Alien floating in the sky and is it a warning sign?

A subject on many people’s minds, especially with the many rumours of an alien disclosure event nearing.  A point in time when many governments of the world release all of the information they have, and admit the existence of aliens.

Photographer Iurie Belegurschi captured the spectacle while on one of his many photographic expeditions to capture the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis on film, chasing his passion.  It could even have crossed over into the genre of obsession, moving to Ice Land specifically to pursue his passion could be classed as slightly obsessive, a healthy obsession of course.

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