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If there’s more than one person plotting against you it may be a conspiracy.

The Deep Dark Web and the Future of the Internet…

More than any other technology the world wide web has changed our planet. Enabling a myriad of other technologies while bringing the world closer together, it is transformative but the web itself continues to evolve and transform. Not only has the technology behind the web changed but the way we use it and the way the information contained within the web is used has also changed.

These changes have seen the rise of a new type of internet, the deep web and the dark web. With the rise of these new webs a new name was given to first web, it is now known as the Surface Web. To clear up any confusion here is how you tell them apart.

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Australian Cyber Assistance & Access Legislation, The ASS Access Bill 2018…

The Assistance and Access Bill 2018, better known as the Ass Access Bill, is a piece of legislation before the Australian Parliament that proposes to provide a way for the Australian Government to gain access to data that has previously been hidden by encryption. This is intended to provide law enforcement and other agencies a doorway into your private data. The department of Home Affairs have gone to great pains to emphasise that this is not a legislated backdoor to your devices, and they are technically correct. It is probably better described as a side door into your data.

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Mainstream News is a Centrally Scripted Entertainment Service. If You Don’t Believe Watch This!

We all know in the back of our minds that the News we watch on TV has become a highly processed and packaged service like a video version of fast food.  Today it more closely resembles entertainment rather than an unbiased information service? Is it a bad thing that six large multinational companies own all of the News and Media companies around the world?

YouTuber and collector of interesting videos Gabbee has compiled many of examples of this disturbing state of affairs. Evidence that many news stories are indeed fed from a central source to the news rooms around the world and onto our eyes. While this is an interestingly funny video, think awkward laughter, it may be symptomatic of something far more disturbing.

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The Mysterious Disappearance of an Entire Canadian Train.

Setting the internet’s gears turning this week (Sept 17) is news of a mysterious disappearance, the vanishing of an entire 47 car freight train in Canada. Leaving Thunder Bay the 7.05pm to Winnipeg train along with a conductor and two drivers in the caboose simply disappeared sometime during its overnight journey.

According to reports frustrated search and rescue teams have scoured the line for the past three days and turned up nothing. At this point in time all that can be assumed is that someone has stolen a 47 car train, a freight train nearly a quarter of a mile long and weighing 10’s of thousands of tons.

Canadian National Railway representative Burton Lansdown went on air with CBC Radio to let Canadians know that they are doing their best to uncover the mystery and find the missing train.

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WTF Was That? Are Tactical Nukes Being Used in the Middle East and Ukraine?

With wars raging in many parts of the world large explosions are bound to be seen from time to time but there have been a number of explosions recently that have had many people wondering WTF was that? Explosions so large that you they could well be tactical nuclear weapons.

May 2015, Yemeni capitol Sana’a experiences an explosion that shatters windows for miles around and throws up a burning mushroom cloud. The explosion was quickly passed off by many as a direct hit on a weapons cache but this was disputed by the locals. Full article here.

The far more likely explanation for the Yemeni incident is that a bunker buster tactical nuke was used as there is an initial explosion when the missile hits that’s designed to penetrate the ground. Then a secondary explosion that creates the mushroom cloud and destroys whatever is under the ground. Not only does it mushroom but a flash of proton bombardment can be seen after the blast. Also in the first video you’ll notice lots of white specs in the footage, this is not debris it is the radiation (Neutrons) from the blast hitting the CCD of the camera. The same effects can be seen in footage from Fukushima and the American nuclear tests during the 50’s.

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Multiple Meteor Impacts in Iran.

A major meteor impact event has occurred in Iran (July 31) with reports starting to trickle in that suggest at least one of the impact events has caused major damage in Avaj, in the province of Qazvin northern Iran. Other reports are stating that multiple pieces of the meteor have hit Estehard, Alborz Province, Arsalan Qasemi but no damage has been reported.

Mainstream media seem to be ignoring this story for some reason, a story given even more impact by the fact that in the last couple of days meteors have also been seen in the skies of Australia, North Carolina, and Brazil but thankfully no impacts have been reported in these instances.

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JADE Helm 15, Beta Testing Battlefield AI?

The most controversial military exercise to take place on US soil has kicked off this week and the controversy is already well underway. Initially announced in March JADE Helm 15  from the outset generated much publicity and consternation amongst Americans, especially Texans.

According to the publicly available information 1,200 troops will be involved, Special Forces troops Green Berets, Navy Seals and Air Force Special Ops troops. For the purpose of the exercise Texas, Utah and a southern portion of California have been designated as enemy territory. The actual objectives (eg capture the flag, eliminate the enemy) have been kept a tightly held secret.

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The Project Blue Book Files…

News has recently hit the internet that the US Government has released the Project Blue Book files for the world to see, the news even made its way to the mainstream media’s headlines. Truth is that the files have been online for a while the real news was that the files had become available freely in easily searchable .pdf format via the BlackVault.

Released under the freedom of information act the files had been assembled over many years by BlackVault and Fold3. With it being widely reported that the latest set of documents were released thanks to a request from BlackVault’s John Greenewald Jr. The entire archive had actually been collected via many people making many requests over many decades. The files themselves 22 years of UFO sightings and investigations.

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Man on Mars? NASA Image Captures Human Shadow with Curiosity!

Source of many fascinating sighting reports UFOSightingsDaily has recently received a highly controversial image from an anonymous source, an image causing many people to question NASA’s interpretation of the truth. An image of the Mars rover Curiosity accompanied by a human shadow that looks to be repairing the rover, or perhaps doing maintenance work.

While NASA still refuses to confirm that there is life on Mars the latest highly strange image to come from Curiosity raises that question up a notch to ‘is there already human life on Mars?’ Not only does the shadow resemble an astronaut without a helmet, wearing a face mask and breathing apparatus. Not only is it a very human shaped shadow but the human appears to be doing work.

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The Return of the Star Cruiser Mystery, What is Happening to the Sun?

Staring at the Sun is a common pastime for many now that SDO and other satellites are constantly feeding visual data back to Earth, a pastime that once left many blind. Scott Waring is one such individual, constantly keeping an eye on the spectacular light show blasting forth from the Sun. Recently using Scott captured on of the most unusual phenomenon’s to emerge from this preponderance of new data, Star Cruisers parking near the sun.

The latest footage takes this new phenomenon even further, until now these Star Cruisers have been spherical, looking like Death Stars parked in close proximity to the Sun. This latest footage however has captured a triangular shaped object emerging from within the Sun. Looking like an Imperial Star Destroyer this ominous object is as large as our moon and seemingly impervious to the Sun’s radiation.

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