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Diplomatic Warfare: The Mysterious Beam Weapon Attacks on the US Embassy in Cuba…

There is a high-tech case of cloak and dagger unfolding just off the shores of the US. A mysterious attack is being executed against the American Embassy in Cuba and for the past year no-one has been unable to explain who, how or why this is occurring.

This tale of highly strange diplomatic warfare begins in late 2016 with US intelligence operatives based in Havana reporting hearing bizarre buzzing noises that are quickly followed by nausea, dizziness, memory loss and head-aches. Medical tests conducted by doctors at the University of Miami and the University of Pennsylvania found the attacks have left brain tissue damaged in many victims.

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Primitive Technology: Making a Natural Draft Furnace.

If you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world there is one man you want in your new village, John Plant of the Primitive Technology website. Via his Primitive Technology site John has assembled a multitude of incredible videos that can teach you how to survive and thrive in a world where your two hands are the only technology you have to rely on.

Shot in far North Queensland the videos document projects ranging from a primitive hut that includes a ceramic tiled roof and the blast furnace you will need to make the tiles. Other fascinating projects include a water powered hammer and fresh water prawn traps. Everything is made using materials available in the bush and provides a fascinating look back at how humanity once thrived in the rain-forests of the world. If you thought living without your mobile phone for a day was a challenging experience try living in the jungle Primitive Technology style.

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The Antarctic Mystery: Are there Pyramids at the Bottom of the World?

Situations of high strangeness continue to occur in the southern most regions of the Earth. This time around it’s a bit like a murder mystery where you never find out who the murderer is, this mystery seems to be a tease on a monumentally frustrating scale.

Headlines earlier in the year recorded visits by world dignitaries to the region, headlines that were followed up by suggestions that there is nothing to see here. A recent video making waves on the internet might prove that there is in fact something very interesting to see there, but is it real?

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The Santilli Satellite Discovers Anti-Matter Entities, Really.

As our scientific understanding expands the boundaries of the known universe are also pushed further back. Antimatter is one of the new boundaries of the known and it looks like it might be even stranger than the quantum world.

Thunder Energies Corporation CEO and Chief Scientist Dr Ruggero M Santilli recently published a paper in the American Journal of Modern Physics presenting astonishing evidence that is pushing our known boundaries right into the universe of the strange by sensationally revealing the discovery of Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) within the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

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Pi in the Sky, the Sky Writing Mystery.

Over the past couple of years many puzzled people have been witness to a mysterious series of numbers appearing in the skies before their very eyes. With no visible craft to explain the slowly growing stream of digits many have stared upward and wondered why is Pi appearing in the sky?

Watching the many videos that have captured the mysteries numbers floating upon high you will quickly notice that they seem to continue on for an eternity, stretching to the horizon. The display is actually always the same, Pi expressed to 1000 digits (3.14…etc) which probably does require a canvas the size of the sky to complete, makes my wrists hurt and Pacer pencil cringe just thinking about it.

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Mainstream News is a Centrally Scripted Entertainment Service. If You Don’t Believe Watch This!

We all know in the back of our minds that the News we watch on TV has become a highly processed and packaged service like a video version of fast food.  Today it more closely resembles entertainment rather than an unbiased information service? Is it a bad thing that six large multinational companies own all of the News and Media companies around the world?

YouTuber and collector of interesting videos Gabbee has compiled many of examples of this disturbing state of affairs. Evidence that many news stories are indeed fed from a central source to the news rooms around the world and onto our eyes. While this is an interestingly funny video, think awkward laughter, it may be symptomatic of something far more disturbing.

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High Strangeness: Anti-Gravity Event in China?

Warning, you are about to enter a world of High Strangeness. Hit the play button to unlock the door to a world very much like our own, just much stranger. Confusing our perceptions and consternating the laws of physics the causes of this high strangeness are still a complete mystery.

The video opens with traffic flowing through a non-descript intersection in China. Traffic is flowing and life seems to be moving just as expected, everything is nice and normal. Then in the blink of an eye the High Strangeness door is swung open for a couple of second’s and in that time gravity seems to take a break as the cars near the intersection seem to leap into the air.

Like the infamous magic bullet that killed Kennedy the magic wire theory is leading the list of popular explanations. A theory that supposes a very thin high tensile wire has somehow become entangled with the cars as they passed over. Some cars lifted from the front some from the rear while even a car travelling in the opposite direction is caught up in the action. Giving the wire theory more weight  is the fact that as the cars are flung into the air there are a number of strange objects ricocheting around, small objects that seem to also be involved somehow. While the wire is a popular theory there is only one flaw with it, no wire can be seen no matter how much you zoom in or slow down the video, and for the wire to effect so many cars in so many ways there must have been masses of cable coiled all over the road.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is a video so mysterious and confusing that it may just make your head hurt for a while. Was it as simple as a wire on the road or something far more mysterious? Will you believe your own eyes or is your mind put at peace with a simple yet unconvincing explanation? Sit back relax and prepare to question your own perceptions.

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Interesting Science: The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the many scourges of modern life and the cure for this melody may have been staring us in the face this whole time. Dr Jason Fung is no quack and has been achieving very interesting results through nutritional programs based around calorie restriction diets and fasting at his practice in Ontario Canada. Sharing many of his findings via a series of YouTube lecture videos Dr Fung may contradict many of the standard treatment protocols for type 2 diabetes but his findings are none the less extremely interesting and well founded.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest lecture on reversing and curing type 2 diabetes by Dr Fung. Of course always consult you treating physician before making any major changes to your health plan and treatments. Sit back relax and prepare for the thoughts to be provoked.

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China has the Most Insane Traffic Jams in the World.

What happens when over a billion people come home from holiday at the same time? The world’s largest traffic jam of course, a traffic jam that stretches for 100 kilometres and takes 10 days to clear. Technically not really the result of the countries massive population alone but instead combination of a massive population far exceeding the roads capacity. One of the greatest examples of the Three Stooges effect in the world. In the Stooges case when all three try to enter a doorway simultaneously they create their own door jam.

In the case of China’s national highway 110 the chronic congestion is caused by annual traffic growth of 40% each year along with some poorly timed roadworks (began 5 days before the traffic jam) that made this year’s traffic jam particularly severe. Demand has overtaken capacity to such an extent that the traffic jam has now become an annual event at the close of China’s Golden Week, the week the whole of China takes off. Some citizens have even given up on the holiday and simply drive up the highway turn around and drive home, slowly. Camping when the congestion gets bad, driving when possible. Ok that last part doesn’t really happen but tell me it doesn’t sound possible.

Presented for you viewing pleasure is the drone footage of the world’s worst traffic jam, a highway that appears to have been turned into a parking lot by the laws of physics (two solid objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time). Sit back relax and be sure to get comfortable, this could take a while.

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A Glimpse in the Mind of a Psychopath? A Strange and Intense Video.

Empathy and understanding often offer us a brief glimpse into another person’s mind but rarely do we get to take a glimpse into a mind full of madness, and even more rarely do we get that glimpse and survive the encounter.

Stephen McDaniel may have such a mind. McDaniel’s was recently found guilty of the grisly murder of his neighbor and fellow law student Lauren Giddings, a case so disturbing that many in the media labelled McDaniel as truly evil. Soon after the murder McDaniel was interviewed by police and the two hour video (captured over 24 hours) gives a very unique glimpse into his mind. A video so strange that it raises questions about the very nature of who we are and the nature of evil. Is his a cold calculated performance dreamt up during his studies of law or is this evidence of something even stranger taking place? Is this a performance or is he a puppet?

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the strangest police interview released to the public in many years as well as the on the street news interview of McDaniel’s taken hours before the police interview. Sit back relax and prepare to be completely weirded out.

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The Mysterious Disappearance of an Entire Canadian Train.

Setting the internet’s gears turning this week (Sept 17) is news of a mysterious disappearance, the vanishing of an entire 47 car freight train in Canada. Leaving Thunder Bay the 7.05pm to Winnipeg train along with a conductor and two drivers in the caboose simply disappeared sometime during its overnight journey.

According to reports frustrated search and rescue teams have scoured the line for the past three days and turned up nothing. At this point in time all that can be assumed is that someone has stolen a 47 car train, a freight train nearly a quarter of a mile long and weighing 10’s of thousands of tons.

Canadian National Railway representative Burton Lansdown went on air with CBC Radio to let Canadians know that they are doing their best to uncover the mystery and find the missing train.

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WTF Was That? Are Tactical Nukes Being Used in the Middle East and Ukraine?

With wars raging in many parts of the world large explosions are bound to be seen from time to time but there have been a number of explosions recently that have had many people wondering WTF was that? Explosions so large that you they could well be tactical nuclear weapons.

May 2015, Yemeni capitol Sana’a experiences an explosion that shatters windows for miles around and throws up a burning mushroom cloud. The explosion was quickly passed off by many as a direct hit on a weapons cache but this was disputed by the locals. Full article here.

The far more likely explanation for the Yemeni incident is that a bunker buster tactical nuke was used as there is an initial explosion when the missile hits that’s designed to penetrate the ground. Then a secondary explosion that creates the mushroom cloud and destroys whatever is under the ground. Not only does it mushroom but a flash of proton bombardment can be seen after the blast. Also in the first video you’ll notice lots of white specs in the footage, this is not debris it is the radiation (Neutrons) from the blast hitting the CCD of the camera. The same effects can be seen in footage from Fukushima and the American nuclear tests during the 50’s.

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Multiple Meteor Impacts in Iran.

A major meteor impact event has occurred in Iran (July 31) with reports starting to trickle in that suggest at least one of the impact events has caused major damage in Avaj, in the province of Qazvin northern Iran. Other reports are stating that multiple pieces of the meteor have hit Estehard, Alborz Province, Arsalan Qasemi but no damage has been reported.

Mainstream media seem to be ignoring this story for some reason, a story given even more impact by the fact that in the last couple of days meteors have also been seen in the skies of Australia, North Carolina, and Brazil but thankfully no impacts have been reported in these instances.

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JADE Helm 15, Beta Testing Battlefield AI?

The most controversial military exercise to take place on US soil has kicked off this week and the controversy is already well underway. Initially announced in March JADE Helm 15  from the outset generated much publicity and consternation amongst Americans, especially Texans.

According to the publicly available information 1,200 troops will be involved, Special Forces troops Green Berets, Navy Seals and Air Force Special Ops troops. For the purpose of the exercise Texas, Utah and a southern portion of California have been designated as enemy territory. The actual objectives (eg capture the flag, eliminate the enemy) have been kept a tightly held secret.

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Stunning Cloud Camouflage UFO.

Making atmospheric waves on the internet this week is a most unusual UFO (besides the cube UFO, been a big week), that seems to be camouflaged as a cloud.

Captured flying in the skies above North Philadelphia what at first glance appears to be a smallish fluff of cloud staying relatively stationary quickly becomes far more interesting. Captured by Hector Garcia, who’s excited voice is also captured, the video continues un-spectacularly until Hector zooms in and the cloud can be seen to rotate unlike any natural cloud. Then it starts to move and things get really weird.

Debate is currently raging as to the nature of this unidentified flying object, an industrial sized bubble, natural but unusual cloud formation, the list goes on. The Paranoid Android in us screams out unnatural object but as always knowledge is completely democratic, you watch and make up your own mind.

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An Interesting Question, Would You Like To See Alien Life Appear?

If given the option would you like to see alien life appear? This is the question raised by the very interesting video ‘Alien Message to Mankind: Do You Wish That We Show Up?’

Written as a message from an intelligence alien to this world, at its core the video asks the question for us each to decide, ‘Would you like to see Alien life appear?’ Framing humanities current predicament perfectly, laying out the background of this most curious story of us in order to allow an informed conscious decision.

Watch the video and listen to your gut then make up your mind. Status quo or change, hatred or love, the continuation of lies or truth, believe or not believe. These are the choices we face every day and these are the decisions that are more important than ever.

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The Project Blue Book Files…

News has recently hit the internet that the US Government has released the Project Blue Book files for the world to see, the news even made its way to the mainstream media’s headlines. Truth is that the files have been online for a while the real news was that the files had become available freely in easily searchable .pdf format via the BlackVault.

Released under the freedom of information act the files had been assembled over many years by BlackVault and Fold3. With it being widely reported that the latest set of documents were released thanks to a request from BlackVault’s John Greenewald Jr. The entire archive had actually been collected via many people making many requests over many decades. The files themselves 22 years of UFO sightings and investigations.

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Man on Mars? NASA Image Captures Human Shadow with Curiosity!

Source of many fascinating sighting reports UFOSightingsDaily has recently received a highly controversial image from an anonymous source, an image causing many people to question NASA’s interpretation of the truth. An image of the Mars rover Curiosity accompanied by a human shadow that looks to be repairing the rover, or perhaps doing maintenance work.

While NASA still refuses to confirm that there is life on Mars the latest highly strange image to come from Curiosity raises that question up a notch to ‘is there already human life on Mars?’ Not only does the shadow resemble an astronaut without a helmet, wearing a face mask and breathing apparatus. Not only is it a very human shaped shadow but the human appears to be doing work.

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