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JADE Helm 15, Beta Testing Battlefield AI?

The most controversial military exercise to take place on US soil has kicked off this week and the controversy is already well underway. Initially announced in March JADE Helm 15  from the outset generated much publicity and consternation amongst Americans, especially Texans.

According to the publicly available information 1,200 troops will be involved, Special Forces troops Green Berets, Navy Seals and Air Force Special Ops troops. For the purpose of the exercise Texas, Utah and a southern portion of California have been designated as enemy territory. The actual objectives (eg capture the flag, eliminate the enemy) have been kept a tightly held secret.

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SoundHound takes Voice Recognition to Stunning New Levels.

Many people with busy lives have often wondered how nice it would be to have an assistant. Someone there just to help with the mundane tasks. Such an arrangement is bound to lead to many more tasks getting done, surely? Unfortunately not many of us can afford the opportunity to test the theory so we go assistant-less, sigh.

As always technology is coming to our rescue in the shape of the virtual assistant, the voice interface is finally listening. Demonstrating just how far voice has progressed SoundHound recently gave the  world a sneak peak at their Hound app. With lightning fast reflexes Hound is capable of answering any question and may one day become everyone’s favorite virtual assistant.

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QuadMovr, the Hyper-Speed Drone.

Humanity has learned through many years of building machines that there is now problem that can’t be solved with more mechanical power. YouTuber and extreme quadcopter enthusiast QuadMovr has taken this philosophy to heart and built one hell of a drone.

Not just fast this little drone is spectacularly fast, Formula 1 kind of fast, it just never seems to be going slow even during 90 degree turns (you will need to watch the videos in full screen just to keep the Movr in sight).

QuadMovr’s need for speed is fed by 22 volt electricity. The quadcopter is hand built using off the shelf parts and designed to work at the higher than normal voltage. The lightweight design and extra power should see QuadMovr’s drone  achieving well over 100kph flat out, some speculate a top speed of over 140kph might be possible with this hardware.

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The TSA’s 12 Signs you’re a Terrorist.

Travel through any of America’s airports and you will encounter a new level of security that only an organisation such as the TSA could provide. In order to make your journey as smooth as possible ReasonTV have provided 12 simple things to keep in mind while traversing these security hotspots.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the hilarious travel guide for a smooth journey. Tips that will hopefully make your trip as un-invasive as possible. Sit back relax and remember to not look nervous, that’s two points automatically.

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MegaBot Rumble, Challenge Accepted in the Robot Battle of the Century…

The world isn’t large enough for two mega robots, so it’s only natural that soon after  MegaBot II was demonstrated the challenge would be thrown down, and thrown down it was. Young upstarts MegaBot Inc issued the challenge last week, Suidobashi Heavy Industry subsequently replied with a request for melee combat and now it’s time for 2 mega robots to go to war. In one year’s time on a battle field still to be decided the two largest working manned robots will compete for Mega Robot dominance.

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Sebastian Vettel takes the Ferrari FXX K for a Spin…

F1 drivers spend their days behind the wheel of some of the world’s fastest four wheeled speed machines which has the unfortunate side effect of making other cars simply a form of transport. These not so easily impressed professional drivers are rarely thrilled by thrashing even the sportiest of sport cars. Ferrari however may have created an exception to this rule as Sebastian Vettel can attest. One spin around the track in the FXX K was enough to cause Vettel to utter the helmet muffled words ‘Mamma mia! It goes like a rocket.’

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The Carbon Flyer, the Ultimate Flying RC Tech Toy…

The world’s lightest and strongest material has finally been put to awesome use making the coolest RC plane imaginable.  The very low drag delta wing design of the looks not unlike a paper airplane except that the Carbon Flyer is far tougher and it’s self-propelled. Using two tiny high output electric motors this is the lightest and toughest RC plane that also happens to be by far the coolest flying gadget released this year.

More than an RC plane the Carbon Flyer is also a camera carrying drone able to stay aloft for three minutes at a time. Controlled via a smartphone app at a range of up to 240 feet, which it will cover quickly with a top speed of 40mph, this is simplicity and fun wrapped in carbon black.

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The Skylon Hypersonic Space Plane, the Real Next Generation Shuttle…

The journey to space is still to this day the most difficult journey any person can take; breaking the surly bonds of Earth’s gravity, releasing ourselves from its grip is no small feat.

While the world looks on in wonder at NASA’s Orion launch system it is in fact at least two steps backwards from the space shuttle. The technology used by Orion to achieve the incredible journey to space is based on the work of Erik Von Braun and other geniuses from the 30’s. Sure the materials we use to make rockets have advanced and the technology has become far more reliable but it is still a technology that was born in the 30’s and represents zero advancement.

For the next generation launch vehicle you must look elsewhere. Look towards the end of a runway to the Skylon space plane, the real next generation space shuttle.

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The V-22 Osprey in Action…

Flown by the 8th Special Operations Squadron (the Blackbirds 8 SOS) out of Hurlburt Field the V-22 Osprey is a one of a kind aircraft in a world dominated by fixed wings.

Capable of VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) and STOL (Short-runway Takeoff and Landing) while carrying a payload of up to 20,000 kg and with a top speed of over 450 km/h the Osprey is able to transport troops and cargo further and faster than any VTOL aircraft before it.

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Laser plus Camp Fire equals Awesome…

Staring endlessly into the hypnotic glow of a camp fire is one of the greatest joys when relaxing at the end of day in the great outdoors. While this pastime has stayed the same since the discovery of fire it has finally been improved thanks to lasers. As we know lasers make everything better and the combination of a camp fire and a laser just proves this point.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the new spectacular outdoor display, an incredible combination of two awesome outdoor pastimes, playing with lasers and sitting around the camp fire. The combination of fire and smoke passing through the laser beams is nothing short of spectacular. Sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed by the power of lasers, and remember the next time you’re heading out for a camping trip remember to take a laser for the sheer fun of it.

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