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Next Generation Nintendo Switch and NVIDIA Shield TV, Tegra X1 Brothers in Arms…

Pixel pushing powerhouse NVIDIA are well known for producing powerful video cards but they have another product that has been quietly selling by the millions for the last 4 years. The Tegra X1 SOC is that piece of silicon and it is the electronic brains inside two very impressive gadgets, the Nintendo Switch and the NVIDIA Shield TV.

First announced in 2015 the X1 is a mobile gaming powerhouse built onto a single tiny silicon chip. The X1 got its first big break in 2016 when Nintendo decided to use the chip in its new transforming console the Switch, which was subsequently launched March 2017. In the 2 years since the Switch has sold over 34 million units. At the same time NVIDIA has sold millions of their Shield TV’s.

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Nissan GT-R50: Godzilla in an Italian Suit…

To celebrate the GT-R’s 50th birthday Nissan and Italdesign have spared no expense in producing an extreme GT-R, this is the GT-R50, Godzilla adorned in a spectacular Italian suit. With only 50 of the GT-R50’s to be produced and starting at $1.4 million dollars this is the fantasy GT-R brought to life.

The birth of the GT-R legend began in 1969 with the first Skyline GT-R, a car that quickly became a racing legend. Not only was the GT-R a legend on the track but it was a supercar that you could live with, a daily driver that combined Japanese reliability, comfort and affordability with levels of performance that could take on any challenger.

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2019 Corvette ZR1, the Last of the Front Engine Stingrays?

The Corvette Stingray was one of the first and is still one of the most legendary American sports cars. Blending European curves with American muscle the Vette held a special place in the hearts of many motoring enthusiasts around the world. The sumptuous curves and big block V8 muscle have made the Stingray an object of desire for many years but the latest 2019 incarnation of the Stingray may be the last of the front engine Corvette’s with Chevrolet experimenting with a mid-engine hypercar style in 2020, a change that will forever alter the Vette as we know it.

GM introduced the world to the 2019 ZR1 in Dubai this week, with aggressive aero and styling, re-engineered mechanics from front to back and improved cooling this is a track ready daily driver that will take on the best that Italy and Germany have to offer. Rumours are also swirling around the internet that Chevy is readying the C08 mid-engine Corvette to take on the best that Europe has to offer. Will this mean the end of the Stingray as we know it or will Chevy surprise us all?

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Bloodhound SSC: The Supersonic Rocket Car…

The road travelled to obtain the title ‘world’s fastest car’ is often paved with death and disaster but if the journey is completed successfully it is also a destination heralded with fame and glory. Traversing this road carefully is the key to achieving glory without disaster and the team behind Bloodhound SSC know this only too well.

Having taken the world record with their twin jet powered Thrust SSC, and having competed against other famous teams to capture the record they have seen their fair share of disaster along the way. So they tread carefully, testing and refining as they progressively increase speed towards their stated 1,000mph goal, a 33% increase in speed from the current world record and the largest single jump ever recorded. Can they reach their mark? Will the technology hold up? Can the pilot see over the steering wheel?

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Microsoft SharePoint Online: A New Type of Business Fabric.

In this ever increasingly connected world the internet has come to influence every aspect of our individual lives. Now this influence is spreading to the collections of individuals we call businesses. The next internet revolution it seems will be a private one, the private internal intranets that help a business run will be the difference between a business succeeding or not. The difference between a small nimble business and a large inflexible behemoth.

Leading the charge of these private intranets is SharePoint Online, Microsoft’s all in one solution for creating a flexible and dynamic fabric to share information, collaborate on business processes and keep the wheels of business turning in the smartest way possible. This is SharePoint in the Cloud and it may just be the future of business.

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The First Giant Fighting Robot Duel was Amazing, the Future Begins Here…

The culmination of years of intensive design and construction has led to this one single moment, a moment that has seen one of the most striking images of science fiction come to life before our very eyes. The world finally has real fighting giant robots, heavy steel crafted in our own image and controlled by our own hands.

This week in an abandoned steel mill in Japan the future became juxtaposed with the present as the very first battle of the giant robots took place, a battle that introduced the world to every anime and science fiction fans dream.

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Infinity Prototype 9, a Demonstration in Stunning…

Since the birth of the automobile in the late 1800’s cars quickly developed to become far more than a form of transport. Imbued with our sense of style and personality they also came to represent a snapshot of the time in which they were created.

Nissan Motors and their luxury car brand Infinity have recently embarked on a journey to rediscover a sense of style that existed in the distant past. A journey that celebrates style, ingenuity, craftsmanship and a demonstration of design passion. This journey ended in a destination that is the Prototype 9, a car inspired by the sleek 1940’s racers of yesteryear, a hand-crafted stream-liner with the latest technology under its steel skin.

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Gran Turismo Sport Fast Approaches…

Lovers of Turismo it is time to prepare for the marathon gaming session to end all marathon gaming sessions. Clear the couch, stock up on supplies and get that comfortable driving position ready for the long wait will soon be over.

The world cheered with excited relief this week when Kazunori Yamauchi (Polyphony Digital CEO and GT ‘s creator) announced GT Sport will be released on the 17th of October in the US, and the 18th everywhere else. With 17 tracks / 28 variants, 150 cars and integrated eSport racing leagues to revel in we might have to start the preparations now.

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The Future of Gaming is Now: The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro + LG 4K OLED!

Nowhere does the relentless march of technology move so fast as the action packed world of gaming. The current leading edge of gaming is a double edged sword; one edge of the blade is the new PS4 Pro while the other is the incredible LG 55B6T OLED TV. With the release of the PS4 Pro and recent price drop of the LG B6T OLEDs this is a technology combination that is now accessible to many.

The 4K PS4 Pro is providing compelling content for all of those starved next generation TV’s out there and with it Sony may have stolen the gaming lead, even against the mighty PC gaming rig. The PC 4k gaming market is still a mess and Microsoft are months away from their 4k Xbone so for now it’s all PS4 Pro. It is hands down the best gaming experience in town. A big statement that I back up with one simple fact, the PS4 Pro is delivering the goods now.

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Mill Blackbird, the transformer that can be Any Car.

Some say necessity is the father of all invention, others say nagging is the mother of all necessity. The Mill Blackbird on the other hand is the answer to a number of video production questions. How to shoot video of a car that doesn’t exist (yet or anymore)? How to render a car so realistically no-one can tell? How to make a Kia look like a Ferrari? The answer is send in the Mill Blackbird. Built in the same hanger as the legendary SR-71 Blackbird the Mill has some big shoes to fill and big questions to answer.

The Mill Blackbird is the world’s first fully adjustable car rig designed for use by cinematographers, an incredibly advanced photography platform as well as a fully marked up reference machine for rending a car onto, a blank.

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