Cat Curling, Yes Cats Can Make Any Sport Hilarious…

While the nations of the world battle it out for gold at the Sochi Winter Olympics one little known winter sport has gone unnoticed, Cat Curling. An intensely competitive sport that replaces the mundane inanimate stones with furry felines, sliding them down the ice to victory.

Curling may not be everyone’s cup of tea but Curling with cats is a sport so hilarious that it has universal appeal. Why was this sport ignored by the Winter Olympics officials? God knows it may have helped the ratings.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video that has now inspired the world to slide cats along slippery surfaces. Sit back relax and let the coolness of the ice take you to the frigid feline future of Curling.

First of all let’s state for the record that no animals were hurt in the making of this video, no pussies even got cold as it was produced using digital effects and a number of co-operative cats.

Cat Curling is such a hysterically hilarious concept sport that many people have taken it upon themselves to begin training for the time when it becomes an official Olympic event. In all seriousness there have been a flood of real life imitators since the release of the official Cat Curling video, just have a quick search of YouTube to see. We aren’t completely sure why besides the fact that it’s so damn funny.

To all those who now love sliding their feline friends along slippery surfaces we salute you all, you crazy bastards.