Cat Alarm Clocks are the Best Alarm Clocks…

Our little furry friends do so much more than keep us company, they save us money. There is no need to buy an alarm clock when you have a cat. As you lay in your warm slumber a furry paw appears from nowhere, a nudge to wake you and a nip to get you moving.

Demonstrating this hilarious fact best is the Huffington Post compilation of the cat alarm clocks, rolling them all together into one hilarious example of the feline funnies. A video that perfectly elaborates why it is completely pointless setting the alarm when you have a cat.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the greatest cat alarm clock compilation to date, cats keeping the world of people moving, one nudge at a time. Sit back, relax and be sure not to fall asleep, they are watching, ready to pounce.