The Carbon Flyer, the Ultimate Flying RC Tech Toy…

The world’s lightest and strongest material has finally been put to awesome use making the coolest RC plane imaginable.  The very low drag delta wing design of the looks not unlike a paper airplane except that the Carbon Flyer is far tougher and it’s self-propelled. Using two tiny high output electric motors this is the lightest and toughest RC plane that also happens to be by far the coolest flying gadget released this year.

More than an RC plane the Carbon Flyer is also a camera carrying drone able to stay aloft for three minutes at a time. Controlled via a smartphone app at a range of up to 240 feet, which it will cover quickly with a top speed of 40mph, this is simplicity and fun wrapped in carbon black.

Trident design the company behind the Carbon Flyer are currently seeking backing through crowd funding site Indiegogo, there are 6 days to go before they unleash their unique flying gadget upon the world. Priced at $89 USD for the base pack and going all the way up to $159 USD for the full pack including LED lights, HD camera, multiple batteries and coasters. There are still a few days left to jump in early and order your flying wonder, prices will of course rise once the product goes public.

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