ROFL. Broken People Presents Bitchy Resting Face, The Hilarious Human Face of Misunderstandings…

Misunderstandings have been the staple of comedians since the telling of the first joke around a cave fire.  As it turns out many of these misunderstandings may have been caused by the incurable affliction that is Bitchy Resting Face.

While those with the affliction may suffer in silence as the rest of the world laughs around them help is at hand. BrokenPeople and their Bitchy Resting Face video are here to inform us.

Are you often asked by concerned strangers to cheer up and smile? Do people you know often look sad or angry for no apparent reason? You or people close to you may be suffering from Bitchy Resting Face. An affliction so terrifyingly annoying that we may all need to do our part to help those struck by the unfortunate condition, and for god sake stop trying to cheer them up.

For sufferers of Bitchy Resting Face you can take comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone, there is no need to risk injuries through fake smiles. Take back the streets for the grumpy, bitchy and generally surly faced people of the world.

Is it simply a mechanism of non-verbally communication or is it just a roll of the DNA dice, an accident of biology?

The video is of course a parody of a PSA (Public Service Announcement), cleverly created by Taylor Oric and her boyfriend Jared Negro, the two creative minds behind BrokenPeople the YouTube channel. With many commentators comparing the skit to classic Saturday Night Live the couple have struck gold.

The affliction was first identified while Oric and Jared were early in on their relationship. Oric had a bad case of Resting Bitchy Face while Jared made the mistake of being too honest too early, admitting she looked bitchy. Going on to become an inside joke for the couple and one hilarious video.