Breaking Bad an Official Alternative Ending: Bad in the Middle…

Sony Entertainment has stoked the publicity fires in the build up to the release of the Breaking Bad box set, like throwing petrol on a fire messing with an ending is dangerous stuff. This ending however dares to take Breaking Bad in a whole new direction, and wins by making that direction hilarious.

Combining two of his favourite roles Bryan Cranston revels in this chance to see worlds collide, a collision that doesn’t often end well as proven by mash-ups. This alternative ending though is one of those rare gems that works, and works well.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the alternative ending that will have you watching the whole series over again. Sit back, relax and prepare to be taken away to this alternative universe of comedy.

The video also plays up on the prequel rumours loved by fans, the idea that Malcolm in the Middle was the prequel to Breaking Bad, an interesting concept at the least. The alternative ending was shot way back in January, former Malcolm in the Middle co-star Jane Karzmarek had been spotted on set but at the time the connection was unknown.

The Breaking Bad the Complete Series will be available on November 26, pre-orders are being taken on Amazon who is offering the set at the discount price of $201.29. Looks like the push to Christmas is now well under way.

Reference: DailyMail