Black Knight, the Satellite from Nowhere…

May 1954, the world was startled to learn that the Earth already had 1, possibly 2 artificial satellites. Keeping in mind that Sputnik 1 was still 3 years away from being launched the Black Knight satellites were a mystery that captured everyone’s imagination. During the 60’s astronomers would stare at the night’s sky to see this mystery in action.

While it may be easy to concluded that this is just a black rock trapped in orbit there is a substantial amount of evidence to prove otherwise. HAM radio operators reported that the object was broadcasting a radio signal, this is no ordinary rock.

All reports of the Black Knight slowly faded to become distant memories for a few, while the rest of the world became oblivious to its existence. Watch the video and decide, a space odyssey of mysterious proportions or just more space flotsam and jetsam,