Bill Gates as Austin Powers, Cringe Worthy Laugh Out Loud Moments.

Microsoft over the years has developed a reputation for producing wacky internal videos that are intended for Microsoft’s eyes only. One of the wackiest internal videos to sneak out of Redmond has to be the ‘Bill Gates as Austin Powers’ video.

With a cast of Microsoft insiders we join Dr Evil plotting another scheme of unbelievable evil before the spy that shags everyone returns to save the day with the utterance of those magic words ‘Ow Behave’. Produced in 2009 before Gates and Ballmer handed the helm over to the new generation this may be the last remnants of the old Microsoft visible to us the general public.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video that is as strange as it is funny. While the videos titles may suggest Gates is the star we all know the real star is Steve Ballmer as Dr Evil, this may be the role he was born to play. Sit back relax and prepare to swing wildly between cringe worthy moments and laughing out loud.

Reference: The Verge