Big Mouth Billy Bass Possessed by Alexa, Hilarious…

Billy the Big Mouth Bass has wiggled his way into the hearts of many people since the early 2000’s. This singing wall mounted ornaments become the greatest tacky gift you could give any mancave owning person with a little spare wall space.

For many years there has been a great tradition of hackingthe original Big Mouth Billy Bass with very funny videos demonstrating the powerful combination that is Alexa and Billy. Thankfully you no longer need anengineering degree to create your own thanks to Amazon.

Amazon has realised it was time for the big mouthed bass to be updated for the 21st century and have endowed the flapping fishy with Alexa abilities and the results are even more hilarious than the original. With the ability to dance to music, react to timers or notifications and lipsync Alexa’s responses. This is the new must have gift this year.

Presented for you viewing pleasure are the videos of the Big Mouth Billy Bass in action, the battle of the Bass videos. Sit back relax and prepare to be amused by the silliest things.